Big Daddy Weave’s Mike Weaver Mourns Death of His Brother: ‘Give Everything To The Lord’

Photo from Big Daddy Weave’s Instagram

Big Daddy Weave’s Mike Weaver Mourns Death of His Brother: ‘Give Everything To The Lord’

By Movieguide® Staff

After the death of Big Daddy Weave’s Jay Weaver, his brother and lead singer for the band, Mike Weaver, shared an update.

Mike thanked fans and friends for their prayers and messages and confessed that he, the band, and the family are “hurting more than you can put into words.”

“I was just crushed by his passing,” Weaver said. “As the stories and other testimonies … and the love kind of came pouring in about how the Lord had just used my brother … it kind of changed everything on the trip down there.”

Mike added that Big Daddy Weave has no plan to disband and that the death of Jay actually encouraged them to pursue God’s will for their band.

“Going forward, we want to try and give everything to the Lord for Him to use,” he said. “He can use anybody. He can use anything.”

“We don’t have an intention to stop … We’re going to carry Jay’s memory with us,” he added.

Watch the update below:

Movieguide® previously reported on Jay Weaver’s death:

Jay Weaver of contemporary Christian band Big Daddy Weave died on January 2, 2022, of COVID complications. Jay was 42.

“I’m so sorry to bring this news, but I’m also excited to celebrate where he is right now. My brother Jay went to be with Jesus just a couple hours ago and due to complications with COVID-19,” Jay’s brother and fellow band member Mike Weaver said in a video posted to the band’s Facebook page.

The family is relying on their faith in the Lord to help them through this time.

“The Lord used him in such a mighty way out on the road for so many years and anybody who’s come in contact with him just knows how real his faith in Jesus was,” Mike said. “I believe that even though COVID may have taken his last breath, Jesus was right there to get him.”

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