Candace Cameron Bure Says It’s Part of Her ‘God-Given Nature’ to Shake off Criticism

Candace Cameron Bure Says It’s Part of Her ‘God-Given Nature’ to Shake off Criticism

By Movieguide® Staff

Candace Cameron Bure has been on television since her childhood, playing the good-natured Donna Jo Tanner, aka DJ, in FULL HOUSE and then its reboot FULLER HOUSE. She’s appeared in dozens of Hallmark movies, including THE AURORA TEAGARDEN MYSTERIES.

Bure’s been open about how the spotlight had drastic effects on her health, including a battle with an eating disorder.

“As I was seeking God in that recovery process, it also really grounded my foundation and roots within my faith, which ultimately grew my character. It’s why I am the person I am today,” Bure said.

Yet, through the years, she’s learned how to let go of the negative comments fans make about her, her appearance, and her family.

“Honestly, I feel like that’s just part of my God-given nature,” the actress said. “Maybe because I had children in my 20s. God gave me a lot of patience and it’s tested all the time, but I’ve had a lot of time to practice my patience. It’s not great every day.”

However, just because she has the patience doesn’t mean she’s above humility.

“I will say, I enjoy apologizing. I like receiving an apology if someone is wrong,” Bure said. “So I’m quick to say, like, ‘Hey, if I got that wrong, so sorry.’ The apology was as easy as that. It was a TikTok gone wrong.”

She continued: “I addressed it because I’m very honest and open on all of my social media. So because I apparently got it so wrong and I was surprised over it. I had to just tell everyone, like, ‘Oh, OK. I thought this was cool.’ I guess it wasn’t.”

Bure’s social media vulnerability goes beyond apologies, though.

She recently shared her tear-filled response to the deaths of 13 service members in Afghanistan on her Instagram stories.

Movieguide® reported:

“I keep on debating if I should post anything,” Bure addressed her followers on an Instagram story, “but I wanted to because I’m always so happy on Instagram, and I just wanted to show you my own humanity of how heavy my heart is.”

The former FULL HOUSE star and mother of three took the opportunity to mourn the loss of those serving America.

“I just keep looking at all the faces of those military servicemen that have died, and the people of Afghanistan and all the Americans and it’s, it’s so hard to look at,” Bure said through tears. “Just as, as an American, and as a mama, I am just mourning the loss of all of those people. And my heart just breaks.”

In a later video, Bure turned people toward hope with the saving power of the Gospel and the only true light amidst such darkness.

“I collected myself but I’m packing for a trip today I’m leaving and I’m leaving my family for a while and all my emotions just hit me today, and all I can think about is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all of you,” she said. “I so desperately want you to know Jesus if you don’t, because Jesus brings us good news. It’s salvation for every one of us.”