Charlton Heston’s Wife Lydia Passes Away at 95 Years-Old

Charlton Heston’s Wife Lydia Passes Away at 95 Years-Old

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Many knew and adored the actor Charlton Heston who made movies like BEN-HUR and THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. Behind the scenes, Heston was supported by his loving wife Lydia of 64 years. On Monday, Lydia Heston passed away at UCLA’s medical center in Santa Monica, CA. She was 95 years-old.

Lydia was an actress like her husband, who passed away in 2008. The pair met in the 1940’s before marrying in 1944. The Heston’s starred in the movie THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH in 1952, but, many may be surprised to know that Lydia was on Broadway in New York City starring in “Detective Story” in 1949. Later, Lydia gave acting a rest and focused her efforts on photography of her family and friends. Her work was displayed in books such as “The Light of The World,” which was published in 1989.

Fraser Heston, Lydia and Charlton’s son, spoke about her mother with loving comments on her legacy, “She lived an amazing life…. She knew a lot of famous people from John F. Kennedy to Nancy and Ronald Reagan.” Fraser continued, “She had a great love for photography and has traveled all over the world. She was prone to sea-sickness, but she sailed every sea in the world.”

Lydia also cared a great deal about civil rights and in the 1960’s, she marched with Dr. Martin Luther King alongside Charlton. Her philanthropic efforts extended to the arts as well. She briefly acted again in WILL PENNY in 1967. Lydia was a big supporter of her husband’s endeavors and appeared with her family and supporters of the family in the documentary, CHARLTON HESTON & BEN-HUR: A PERSONAL JOURNEY.

Charlton Heston and Marlon Brando

Movieguide® Founder and Publisher, Dr. Ted Baehr, did not know Lydia, but always speaks highly of Charlton’s commitment to the arts and faith. “Charlton Heston came to most of our early Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala & Report to the Entertainment Industry. He loved MOVIEGUIDE® and wrote articles for us. We interviewed him several times, and Chuck told me how he came back to faith in Jesus Christ when Cecil B. DeMille fell off a very tall ladder filming one of the movies they did together but came back the next day to give the credit of his healing to Jesus Christ and to handout pocket Bibles.”

The Heston family certainly has much to be thankful for as Lydia and Charlton left a lasting impression for audiences and admirers.

Please keep the Heston family in your prayers as they deal with their loss.

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