Chip and Joanna Gaines to Reboot Their Beloved Series FIXER UPPER

Photo via Magnolia Instagram

Chip and Joanna Gaines to Reboot Their Beloved Series FIXER UPPER

By Cooper Dowd, Contributing Writer

Chip and Joanna Gaines plan to reboot their hit show FIXER UPPER on their new cable network, Magnolia.   

The original renovation show ran for five years until April 2018 on HGTV and, according to Deadline, was the No. 1 unscripted show on all of cable television.  

The new season will air exclusively on the Gaines’ new cable network, Magnolia—a joint venture with the Discovery Channel’s DIY Network, which will receive a rebranding. The Gaines’ production company, Blind Nil, will produce the new series. 

“The day we wrapped our final episode of FIXER UPPER, we really believed it was a chapter closed,” Chip and Joanna said. “We knew we needed a break and a moment to catch our breath. But we also knew we weren’t done dreaming about ways to make old things new again.” 

Despite FIXER UPPER taking a break, the Gaines said that their work never stopped when the cameras stopped rolling, and they hoped to revive the show. 

“These past few years, we’ve continued tackling renovations and projects, doing the work we’re passionate about, but​ I don’t think either of us anticipated how the show would become such a permanent fixture in our hearts,” Chip and Joanna said. “We’ve missed sharing the stories of these families and their homes with you, and we’re excited to do that again very soon!”

The beloved show will join a slate of 14 Magnolia Network original programs already in production and 22 programs in the development phase.

“We are thrilled to welcome back the very show that introduced us all to Chip and Jo in the first place,” Magnolia Network President Allison Page said. “FIXER UPPER is a cultural phenomenon that took an entire programming category by storm when it launched in 2014, and we can think of no better way to launch this network.”

Magnolia announced the FIXER UPPER reboot in a press release alongside new shows SELF EMPLOYED with Jonathan Morris and an untitled project featuring interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn.

“As we continue to round out our programming slate, we’re excited to announce projects with designer Brian Patrick Flynn and entrepreneur Jonathan Morris, two talented individuals with exceptional stories,” Page added. “There’s a lot to look forward to, and we’re just getting started!”

The network was initially set to launch on Oct. 4. However, Page shared some of the obstacles the Magnolia Network faced during the pandemic that delayed the launch.

“There are places where we started again and places where we had to shut down again,” Page said in regards to the production. “We are shooting in so many states, the rules vary, and we go through a pretty rigorous process with the Discovery program management team to review every place we are filming, how many people will be there, what’s the size of the crew, what’s the state of the situation in the different localities.”

Although the production team and film crews are “taking it day by day,” Page is optimistic about an early 2021 launch date. 

“It became very clear that, while we had a lot of individual shows, we weren’t going to be in a position to have enough episodes of each of the shows,” Page said. “We would’ve probably been fine for launch and maybe for a week or two but to have full seasons of all the shows that were in production, we realized that we were going to need to delay, and we committed to ourselves to try and hit as early 2021 as possible.”