Chynna Phillips On Her Relationship With Jesus: ‘I Live For Him, He’s My Life, He’s My Purpose’

Photo from Chynna Phillips Baldwin’s Instagram

Chynna Phillips On Her Relationship With Jesus: ‘I Live For Him, He’s My Life, He’s My Purpose’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Singer and actress Chynna Phillips opened up about her successful YouTube channel “California Preachin’” and how she spreads the message of hope and salvation to her viewers. 

In a recent video, Phillips shared: “When we come to Christ, we are not sinless…of course, we are still sinners but we sin less. My fleshy self wants to refuse, reject, and rebel. I want to be my own king, master, and lord. I don’t want anyone telling me what to do. That’s just not what Christ calls us to do. Once we give our lives to Jesus, we have a new employer… we’ve got a Boss. We have to run everything past the Boss.”


Phillips, who is the daughter of The Mamas & The Papas stars John and Michelle Phillips, did not truly embrace her faith until her 30s. 

“I think there was a part of me that felt like if God truly loved me, all of those horrible things wouldn’t have happened to me,” Phillips explained “On some subconscious level I just said, I tried Jesus and that didn’t work.”

However, after her brother-in-law and his wife prayed over her, Phillips said she felt Jesus in her heart. Phillips is married to Billy Baldwin, and Stephen Baldwin is her brother-in-law.

“The Holy Spirit has a way of just immediately cracking your heart open,” she said. “I don’t remember what they prayed over me but then I stood straight up and said, it’s Jesus from this day forward, only Jesus. I live for Him, He’s my life, He’s my purpose, He’s my reason and I will live from this day forward to serve Him. He’s my God.”

“The Bible says that whoever believes that Jesus is Christ has been born of God. Live in that. Stand in that. Breathe in that. We are worshiping an invisible God and that’s not easy to do. I think that it can be as easy as our breath if we just try not to complicate it too much. Just tell Jesus that you love Him,” she finished. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Phillips’ and her brother-in-law Stephen Baldwin’s faith: 

In a recent interview, actor Stephen Baldwin and singer Chynna Phillips Baldwin discussed their faith journeys and offered encouragement to Chynna’s YouTube audience.

“We’re in the craziest time in our world’s history, we are rolling back towards the anxiety and tension of war,” Stephen said. “I’m visiting Los Angeles, seeing family and all that, and the level of anxiety in our culture and society is staggering. People aren’t even talking to each other. How do you adjust to that? Joy Routine, what’s my priority when I wake up?”

“I think I’ve invested enough in my joy routine that I get the grace when I wake up in the morning,” Stephen said when Chynna asked whether his ‘Joy Routine’ ever fails. 

“Like an alcoholics anonymous right? They’ll say to you, ‘the committee of the disease of alcoholism lives in your brain and when you wake up in the morning God gives you 30 seconds grace to start saying good morning to God before that committee starts to jump on you.”

Stephen notes that while the devil does everything in his power to distract the Christian from their relationship with Christ, God’s grace is more powerful.

“Part of my joy routine is recognizing that when my gears lock up because I get confused if the devil sticks a stick in the spokes of my bike for a second, I could easily say something or I could just seek a moment of grace,” Stephen shared. “For me, the joy routine allows for Stephen to wait on the Lord.”

“If Stephen’s hope every day is to be used by the Lord and know that’s confirmed through the Holy Spirit, only prayer shows you that, I was missing that piece,” Stephen added. “I asked earlier, What are you willing to let go of? In my life waiting on the Lord for the last 18 years has been letting go of my career in Hollywood. The Holy Spirit has led me and revealed to me that journey, that connect the dots, so that now I’m in a place where people say to me, ‘well how come you don’t this?’ It’s not my joy routine.”