Stephen Baldwin, Chynna Phillips on Salvation, Fear, Faith and More in Candid Conversation

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Stephen Baldwin, Chynna Phillips on Salvation, Fear, Faith and More in Candid Conversation

By Movieguide® Staff

In a recent interview, actor Stephen Baldwin and singer Chynna Phillips Baldwin discussed their faith journeys and offered encouragement to Chynna’s YouTube audience.

“We’re in the craziest time in our world’s history, we are rolling back towards the anxiety and tension of war,” Stephen said. “I’m visiting Los Angeles, seeing family and all that, and the level of anxiety in our culture and society is staggering. People aren’t even talking to each other. How do you adjust to that? Joy Routine, what’s my priority when I wake up?”

“I think I’ve invested enough in my joy routine that I get the grace when I wake up in the morning,” Stephen said when Chynna asked whether his ‘Joy Routine’ ever fails. “Like an alcoholics anonymous right? They’ll say to you, ‘the committee of the disease of alcoholism lives in your brain and when you wake up in the morning God gives you 30 seconds grace to start saying good morning to God before that committee starts to jump on you.”

Stephen notes that while the devil does everything in his power to distract the Christian from their relationship with Christ, God’s grace is more powerful.

“Part of my joy routine is recognizing that when my gears lock up because I get confused if the devil sticks a stick in the spokes of my bike for a second, I could easily say something or I could just seek a moment of grace,” Stephen shared. “For me, the joy routine allows for Stephen to wait on the Lord.”

“If Stephen’s hope every day is to be used by the Lord and know that’s confirmed through the Holy Spirit, only prayer shows you that, I was missing that piece,” Stephen added. “I asked earlier, What are you willing to let go of? In my life waiting on the Lord for the last 18 years has been letting go of my career in Hollywood. The Holy Spirit has led me and revealed to me that journey, that connect the dots, so that now I’m in a place where people say to me, ‘well how come you don’t this?’ It’s not my joy routine.”

Stephen said that despite the chaos in the world, God has blessed he and his wife with a “peace” that he has never felt in the past.

“I’m in a new season of peace because I actually, for the first half of my life everybody sees Stephen as the old man, responsible financially running all over, I’ve changed a lot but I don’t worry anymore about like what the world thinks,” he said. “Today, I just know that step by step, day by day, God’s moving [my wife] Kennya and me in a certain direction to be used for His glory.”

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Chynna started her California Preachin’ YouTube series in 2019 and has released hundreds of videos talking about her journey to sobriety and her faith.

While the singer knew about Jesus since the age of 12, it was not until an encounter with her brother-in-law Stephen and his wife, Kennya, that she committed her life to Christ.

“I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus and, newsflash, none of that would have happened if it hadn’t been for your anointing and for yours and Kennya’s conversion to Christ,” Chynna said. “Stephen and Kennya basically were like, ‘Let us pray over you,’ and they just put their hands over my head at the kitchen table. I felt the Spirit descend upon my body, and at that moment, I grabbed my buddha that was at my front door, that Kennya used to give dirty looks to and I wrapped it up in blankets and I put it in my garage and I was like a changed woman that night.

“Then the next morning I went to church and I went to Kennya’s Bible study,” she continued. “I just wanted to let you know that because of this amazing human being right here and the Holy Spirit working through him, California Preachin’ exists!”

Stephen added: “I think you accepted Jesus a long time ago but you engaged in a relationship with Him on that encounter with me and Kennya.”

Chynna responded: “I didn’t realize He was an alive, personal God. That’s what you taught me.”

“None of us really realizes He’s the best friend you could ever have,” Stephen said.

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