How God Saved Artist and Actress Chynna Phillips: ‘I Live for Him, He’s my Life, He’s my Purpose’

Photo from Chynna Phillips Baldwin Instagram

How God Saved Artist and Actress Chynna Phillips: ‘I Live for Him, He’s my Life, He’s my Purpose’

By Movieguide® Staff

Two years ago, Grammy-nominated singer and actress Chynna Phillips began her “California Preachin” series on her YouTube, where she shares the message of salvation through Jesus.

In Phillips’s most recent video, she encourages her subscribers to find the love of Christ and show it to others.

“I’m going to put my love lenses on today to see things through the power of love – to see things through Christ,” Phillips said. “Everything can be seen through the eyes of love. The Bible said that God is love. If God is love then we should be able to see everything through the lenses of love.”

Phillips conceded that obeying God’s will and not following human desires is difficult but essential for a fulfilled life.

“When we come to Christ, we are not sinless…of course we are still sinners but we sin less,” Phillips said. “My fleshy self wants to refuse, reject, and rebel. I want to be my own king, master, and lord. I don’t want anyone telling me what to do. That’s just not what Christ calls us to do. Once we give our lives to Jesus, we have a new employer… we’ve got a Boss. We have to run everything past the Boss.”

As a young Christian, Phillips recalled how she prayed to God to transform her life and give her purpose outside of herself.

“I just remember saying, God, what is this all about? Heal my life, make it matter. Make it mean something, make it holy. God is doing what I asked. He’s releasing me of my meaningless and empty life,” she recalled.

Phillips, 53, said that she first said the salvation prayer as a 12-year-old but did not truly convert to Christianity until later on in life.

“I felt like I was being cleansed, like a holy scan, was going down my body and every trauma, abuse, and heartache just went out of my body all the way down to my feet and then out,” Phillips told Becket Cook in a recent interview. “It was so holy and I knew that it was the power of God and in that moment, I knew that Jesus Christ was God.”

Although Phillips treasured that moment as a young girl, she continued to live in a broken family. She struggled with drugs and alcohol before finally submitting her life to Christ in her 30s.

“It was so beautiful and so sacred and I knew that it was a truth that was kind of mine that I held away in a safe little chamber. I always recalled it,” Phillips said. “I think there was a part of me that felt like if God truly loved me, all of those horrible things wouldn’t have happened to me. On some subconscious level I just said, I tried Jesus and that didn’t work.”

“The Holy Spirit has a way of just immediately cracking your heart open,” Phillips continued. “I don’t remember what they prayed over me but then I stood straight up and said, it’s Jesus from this day forward, only Jesus. I live for Him, He’s my life, He’s my purpose, He’s my reason and I will live from this day forward to serve Him. He’s my God.”

Shortly after, Phillips started to attend church and bible studies to continue to get to know her savior.

“The Bible says that whoever believes that Jesus is Christ has been born of God. Live in that. Stand in that. Breathe in that. We are worshipping an invisible God and that’s not easy to do. I think that it can be as easy as our breath if we just try not to complicate it too much. Just tell Jesus that you love Him,” Phillips said.