Colin Ford and Rose Reid on Pureflix Series A THOUSAND TOMORROWS

Colin Ford and Rose Reid on Pureflix Series A THOUSAND TOMORROWS

By Movieguide® Staff

Actors Colin Ford and Rose Reid recently starred in the Pureflix series, A THOUSAND TOMORROWS, based on Karen Kingsbury best-selling novel of the same name.

Ford and Reid play titular characters from the book Cody and Ali, and recently talked with Movieguide® about their roles.

“I grew up going to this place called Alisal Ranch and they had rodeo rides and I thought that that was really cool,” Ford told Movieguide®. “I thought it was a tough guy sport and when I got the script and realized that it was a novel adaptation from Karen Kingsbury I was super excited and I’m just looking forward to kind of getting to bring this tough, rough bull rider to life.”

“I come from a very long line of Barrel Racers,” Reid said of her connection to the source material. “My grandmother was a Barrel Racer, my mom was a Barrel Racer, I got into barrel racing very young. So when I got the opportunity to work on this it just felt so perfect because I’ve done pretty much nothing but ride and Barrel Race all of my life.”

“It was really exciting to be able to kind of put that to work and get to see what that looks like on the big screen,” she added, joking: “I totally fell in love with the horse on this project. I tried to buy him but they did not sell him to me.”

A synopsis of the show reads: “Follows bull rider Cody Gunner and the enormous cost he would be willing to pay for a few seasons, or just a thousand tomorrows, with the person he loves more than anything.”

However, one of the challenges that Ali faces is her battle with Cystic Fibrosis.

“Ally has cystic fibrosis and it’s a really big aspect of the show and it’s something that we deal with pretty much in every episode,” Reid said. “When I took the role it was really important to me to do a lot of research into the illness and learn from the people who experience this in their daily lives.”

“I think Ali handles it so bravely, it is this really difficult disease but she handles it
with such grace and with such strength,” she continued. “It really puts you know a lot of us to shame because she’s handling she’s dealing with this very big thorn in her side and we go through our daily lives and a cold shuts us down. She just has this tolerance above anyone else’s and I really admired her for that.”

Through his relationship with Ali, Ford said that his character, Cody, also learns more about himself over the course of the show.

“I think that he learns that he has to undergo some internal changes in his thinking and in his response to what other people have done to him in his life,” Ford said. “I think that his relationship with Ali allows him to open the door for forgiveness to his father which is huge.”

“Cody also realizes that despite how great he thinks riding angry might make him, there might be another way,” he added.

Despite some heavier subject matter, Ford and Reid noted that A THOUSAND TOMORROWS presents the story in a family-friendly and uplifting way.

The cast said that the show reflects themes found in Kingsbury’s novel, like forgiveness, love, and faith.

“Through patience and sacrifice and constant faith, you can get through anything. I think that’s kind of the message of the story,” Ford said.

“Ali and Cody both pray for her healing and she is healed, just maybe not in the way they were expecting,” Reid added. “I think that that’s so powerful. I think that’s beautiful and something I really hope audiences take to heart.”

A THOUSAND TOMORROWS is currently available to stream on Pureflix.