Colton Dixon Wants God ‘To Tell His Story Through Me’ With New EP

Photo from Colton Dixon’s Instagram

Colton Dixon Wants God ‘To Tell His Story Through Me’ With New EP

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian artist Colton Dixon might be on tour, but that’s not stopping him from creating an exciting new project — an EP called Canvas

Dixon started the project on his “Build a Boat” tour, writing a song called “Canvas.”

“I’m always writing new music,” he told CBN News, adding that he and his co-writer, Daniel Wright Goldberger, “weren’t even supposed to write” the day they made “Canvas.”

“God just dropped His bomb on us,” Dixon continued. “[The song is] about how we’re all blank canvases and, I know me personally, I want God to paint His pictures through me and tell His story through me.”

Dixon then spoke about other songs from the EP, including “My Light.”

“‘My Light’ comes from Psalm 119, which says God’s word is a lamp into our feet, a light into our path,” he explained. “I know I’ve needed that reminder that, man, no matter how dark it seems, God’s word will always be a tool that we have to light up our path.”

Dixon then shared his prayer for Canvas — “That people would hold on to hope. Hope is the one thing that no one can ever take from you.”

“I know that these songs are coming at the right time,” he continued. “They came at the perfect time for me. As I was writing them, they were songs that I needed to hear in the midst of all the chaos that’s in the world today….I just want to give [listeners] some tools to tackle whatever the world’s throwing at you.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the release of Canvas:

While on his Build a Boat tour, Colton Dixon released a new EP titled Canvas. 

“Life is all about perspective – how we view the various season that life has to offer. Every day is a blank canvas to live life to the fullest, and to view the world and the people around us in a new light,” Dixon posted on Instagram. “I hope you find that in these songs and I’m so excited that Canvas is finally yours.”  

The EP tells its story through four new songs, “Giants,” “Canvas,” “Hold on to Hope,” and “Unbreakable,” alongside previously released songs “Build a Boat,” and “My Light.” 

Dixon’s Build a Boat tour continues across the country through mid-October. 

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