Danica McKellar Finds Security in God: His ‘Love is Unconditional’

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Danica McKellar Finds Security in God: His ‘Love is Unconditional’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a recent episode of FAITH BITS on Great American Community, Danica McKellar reflected on how God’s love can satisfy our need for security. 

“What do we want in life?” she asked her listeners. “What are we all chasing? What most people chase [is] money, power [and] recognition.”

“Why do we want these things? We want them because of the feeling they give us. Power and money give us a feeling of security,” McKellar reflected. 

However, those things can “waver,” leading to feelings of insecurity.

“You have money, you’re afraid of losing it. Then you’re not feeling that happy, warm security feelings that you’re supposed to get from money,” she added. 

The same goes for feelings of power. 

“If you’re in a position of power [and then] you lose that job…suddenly you lost that feeling that went with it.”

“Why do we want recognition?” McKellar asked. “To feel accepted, perhaps to feel validated, but that recognition goes up and down so do those feelings of validation and value and acceptance.” 

“My revelation is that…we get all those things….from God’s love. That’s for us. Those are gifts for us. Acceptance is unconditional. Love is unconditional,” she reflected.

McKellar concluded, “You’ll be more relaxed about all that…because you’re getting it from a much more solid, dependable place, and that is your relationship with God.”

Movieguide® previously reported on McKellar’s relationship with God: 

Danica McKellar updated fans on her 2023 commitment to read the entire Bible this year during a new episode of her Great American Community web series FAITH BITS.

“My goal is to read the entire Bible this year, and I’ve heard it’s very doable,” she started. “They say it’s like 10 to 15 minutes of reading a day.”

The actress shared that she’s reading the Bible “in a few different ways” during her challenge: reading the Bible from her friend Candace Cameron Bure, using a travel-sized Bible and listening to it through an app. 

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