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Danica McKellar Reminds Followers to Seek God’s Help

Photo from Danica McKellar’s Instagram

Danica McKellar Reminds Followers to Seek God’s Help

By Movieguide® Contributor

Great American Family actress and author Danica McKellar recently pointed out how believers should pay attention to recurring biblical themes in a recent “Bible Bits” video.

“When have we found ourselves forcing solutions instead of humbly asking God for guidance?” McKellar asked viewers.

“For the Bible to have the same exact dynamics happening in the stories again and again, it’s got to mean that we’re supposed to pay attention. And I have to believe it’s so that we can avoid making those same kinds of mistakes. One of these recurring themes is ego versus humility—thinking we can do stuff on our own versus asking for God’s help,” THE WONDER YEARS’ star said.

McKellar pointed out that the Bible repeatedly shows that when rulers asked God for guidance, he gave it. They would always succeed, even if it wasn’t in the way they originally thought. When they didn’t ask God for guidance, their plans would fail.

“For us to think that we have the solutions and we can…figure it out all on our own is pretty egotistical. And it’s cutting God out of the equation,” McKellar said.

McKellar emphasized that people shouldn’t worry. She pointed out that it’s actually a sin because we are supposed to trust in God.

“It’s actually really, really great news that we don’t have to try to figure it all out,” she said.

According to one of McKellar’s former co-stars, Andrew Walker, the actress truly practices what she preaches—humility.

“With being such an accomplished person, she’s so humble. And I didn’t think she was gonna have some sort of ego, but she is such a humble soul… [She] doesn’t make you feel like you weigh less than she does,” Walker said.

McKellar previously shared the origins of her humility with Fox News: “I’m very fortunate to have two parents who never overemphasized the importance of Hollywood or my acting career. It was just a fun, cool thing that I did. But family, health, and education all came first. Always. Never a question about that.”

Movieguide® previously reported McKellar’s comments on modern idolatry:

 ‘That clickbait that we see is our version of false idols,’ the actress continued. ‘That quick like, ‘Well, can I get what I want without really having to work for it?’ Can I get money fast without having to put in the time and effort every day to get up early? And go after my goals?’

McKellar challenged her viewers to ask themselves what they idolize. 

‘It might be the broader idea of, what are we putting our faith in instead of God to get what we want,’ she said. ‘So, I want to invite you to ask yourselves, ‘what are my false idols,’ and I don’t want you to go with an easy answer.’

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