Danica McKellar Says Old Testament Taught Her ‘Humility is A Gift’

Photo from Danica McKellar’s Instagram

Danica McKellar Says Old Testament Taught Her ‘Humility is A Gift’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Danica McKellar is updating fans on her commitment to read the Bible in 2023. 

“As some of you know, I am reading the entire Bible this year, cover to cover,” she said in a video for Great American Community. “I just wanted to give you my impressions.”

The actress said, “I feel like, when I get to the end of the Bible, it’s going to feel like, ‘Okay, now I can start.’ Like, now I can start trying to absorb all of the patterns, and I know it’s all getting in. I might just not be conscious of all of it getting in.”

McKellar also shared the lesson that really stood out to her as she finished reading the Old Testament.

“There’s a lot that I really, really love in the Old Testament. There’s a lot to learn,” she explained. “My takeaway from the Old Testament is really the sovereignty of God, and that humility and forgiveness are the two things for us to keep our minds on in our relationship with God and our relationship with the world.”

McKellar concluded, “I discovered that through the Old Testament, that humility feels good. When you’re humble before God, it feels good. Humility is a gift.”

McKellar has frequently spoken about her Bible reading goal this year. 

In an interview with Pure Flix, she said, “I’m reading the Bible all the way through this year. That is my goal, and it’s happening. I also listen to the Bible on my phone. It’s so great. I do it when I’m putting my makeup on or folding laundry or whatever. So it happens. My life can’t get too busy to do it because I get to listen to it while I’m doing things that I would be doing anyway. And it’s just wonderful.”

McKellar also revealed why she hasn’t chosen a favorite Bible verse yet. 

“I don’t have a favorite Bible verse yet,” McKellar said during an Instagram livestream via Church Leaders. “I need to get on that. I’ve had a few people ask me that.”

She continued, “I’m just absorbing it all right now, but I haven’t settled on any favorites. My guess is that my favorites are going to come from the New Testament, which I haven’t gotten to yet. I’ve heard a lot of things from Philippians that I just love. I’m looking forward to getting to that one because I know there’s a lot in there. My favorite verses will come from there, I’m almost positive.”

Movieguide® previously reported on McKellar’s goal to finish reading the Bible this year:

Great American Family star Danica McKellar recently revealed a new way she’s approaching her goal of reading through the Bible in a year. 

In a new episode of FAITH BITS on Great American Community, McKellar shared that she’s listening through the Bible.  

“It’s very enriching and motivating,” McKellar states. “I love the combination. Oftentimes, I’ll go back and read what I’ve listened to.”  

McKellar said that listening to God’s word helps her stay on track despite some days where she is unsure if she will have time to read. 

“I know I will always have time to listen to it,” she explained.

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