‘God’s Fingerprints’: Dave, Jenny Marrs Restore Home for Gabby Mooney

Photo from Gabrielle Mooney’s Instagram

‘God’s Fingerprints’: Dave, Jenny Marrs Restore Home for Gabby Mooney

By Movieguide® Contributor

Dave and Jenny Marrs are sharing how they came to design a home for country singer Shay Mooney’s sister. 

“We absolutely adore the entire Mooney family and, this project (like all of the best ones) was dreamt up around the table last year with our friends: Shay, his wife, Hannah, and sister, Erica, in order to bless their sister, Gabby,” the FIXER TO FABULOUS couple wrote on Instagram.

The post continued, “When Shay asked us if we’d want to be a part of restoring his grandmother’s home for his sister to live in, we were immediately on board. Not to mention the fact that Gabby had miraculously recovered from a traumatic health scare and was now about to get married on the property… just so many good things have come together for this one. God’s fingerprints are all over this story and I CANNOT wait for you to see these episodes over the next two weeks!!”

Movieguide® previously reported on Gabby’s health scare, as well as her marriage to Graylan Stone:

Earlier this year, Mooney had a major health scare — hydrocephalus and a brain cyst that strained her body so much her heart stopped. 

“I died,” she said in an Instagram video about the episode, adding that if storms in the area hadn’t caused her to be taken to a different hospital with the equipment needed to treat her, she would not have survived. 

“God was with me on that,” Mooney said.

Stone was with her in the hospital as she recovered, which showed Mooney how serious their relationship had become. 

“Nobody would be able to stick by you like that and be praying with your family if they didn’t love you,” she explained. “After that, Graylan and I were like, ‘OK, if we can make it through something like this, I want to be with you forever.’ This was a big test for our relationship.”

Mooney also posted about the episodes, writing that he was “so proud” of his sister.”

“What a journey we’ve had. This was so special. I cannot WAIT to watch this,” he continued. “Thank you @dave.marrs+ @jennymarrs for making this dream a reality. My amazing family all played a massive part in pulling this off.”

Gabby posted about the experience as well, writing, “When I say that this year has been a WHIRLWIND I mean it 😅 I’m so excited to finally announce that we will be on @hgtv @fixertofabulous with @jennymarrs @dave.marrs.”

“Jenny and Dave we are truly so incredibly blessed to have y’all as friends,” Gabby continued. “We are truly so spoiled to have family like we do. Im overwhelmed and still processing all of these blessings! @shaymooney @hannah.billingsley thank y’all so much 😭 I will never get over this.”

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