Drew Scott, Linda Phan Welcome Baby Daughter Piper: ‘We are Over the Moon’

Photo from Drew Scott’s Instagram

Drew Scott, Linda Phan Welcome Baby Daughter Piper: ‘We are Over the Moon’

By Movieguide® Contributor

PROPERTY BROTHERS star Drew Scott and wife Linda Phan have just welcomed Baby No. 2!

“We are over the moon,” Scott said in a post on the website he shares with his brother Jonathan, sharing that he and his wife now have a daughter, Piper Rae. 

In an Instagram post showing his daughter’s hands and feet, he wrote, “Our family of 3 has become 4! Piper Rae, I love you with all my heart.”

“Piper is healthy, Linda is healthy, and seeing Parker [the couple’s 2-year-old son] excited to be a big brother is adorable,” Scott shared. 

He also spoke about the advice he’s getting from people about being a girl dad, saying it’s been “mixed.”

“Some people say that it’s the best thing, and others are warning me to look out. All I know is I am excited to experience whatever is to come with Piper,” Scott laughed

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight before Piper’s birth, Scott shared that he is “less prepared” than he was for the birth of Parker. 

“I think it’s all true when people say for your first child you’re like over ready, you’ve read every book, you’ve had counseling, you talked to professionals. Then for the second child, you’re like, ‘I don’t need any of that.’ You realize it’s gonna work out,” he explained. “You just give them lots of love and it’s gonna be perfect.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the couple’s preparations for their second child:

PROPERTY BROTHERS star Drew Scott is expecting a new baby! In an interview with PEOPLE, Scott shared how he and his wife Linda Phan are preparing for the new arrival.

“We’ve just been in planning mode,” he said. “The funny thing is [their son] Parker, they’ll be about two years apart, so Parker will be 2, but I’m already forgetting a lot of, I had little tricks and little techniques and things for changing diapers efficiently and for feeding.”

Scott shared that he’s hoping he’ll remember how to take care of the new baby when the time comes.

“I’m forgetting all of it. So I think it’s going to be like a crash course again, as soon as I get into it, to figure it out,” he said. “But the main thing is Linda’s such a rockstar mom and she pours so much love into Parker and the family, and I try to do the same. I just am really excited to see Parker as an older brother.” 

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