DUDE DAD Taylor Calmus Shows Support for Special Needs Organization

Photo from Heidi Calmus’ Instagram

DUDE DAD Taylor Calmus Shows Support for Special Needs Organization

By Movieguide® Contributor

Popular social media figure and Magnolia Network star Taylor Calmus, a.k.a Dude Dad, recently shared some photos of his time visiting a center for special needs children and their families. 

Calmus posted photos from the visit to the Respite Care facility on his Facebook page, explaining that the center provides “care for the children so the parents have time and space to run errands, have one on one time with their other children, or even just take a nap.”

“Anyone who has a child with special needs knows it can be way more than a full time job and Respite Care is such a huge asset to these families,” Calmus continued 

Dude Dad also shared that he was able to meet some of the children who spend time at Respite Care.

“What a bunch of cheerful little people!” Calmus wrote. “Can’t help but smile in their presence.”

Calmus’ support of Respite Care and the work they do for families is not surprising. The social media star often talks about the importance of family.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Despite the hardships of parenting three little ones, Taylor said that it is all worth it.

“But here’s my takeaway. Having three kids is chaos, but chaos doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing,” he said. “Chaos is our older son trying to teach his little brother how to walk. Chaos is my daughter reading the baby a book even though she doesn’t know how to read. It is a fridge full of sloppy finger paintings and a pile of tiny shoes by the door that are remnants of an adventure had. Chaos is chasing them around the house, getting them to scream at the top of their lungs, just so that they’ll fall asleep. Only to then the next day wake up with them all in your bed because they just want to be close to you.”

“These next few years are going to be hard, but they’re also going to be worth it. As parents, we’re going to guide our kids through life. But as siblings, our kids will get to experience life together. Even after Heidi and I are long gone, our kids will always have each other, and that is why I think three kids is the perfect amount of kids.”

That is until Heidi poked her head in and announced her pregnancy with their fourth child.

“Copy that! That is why I think that having four kids is the perfect amount of kids,” Taylor said.

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