DUDE DAD’s Taylor Calmus and Wife Heidi Share Special Announcement and Champion Parenting

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DUDE DAD’s Taylor Calmus and Wife Heidi Share Special Announcement and Champion Parenting

By Movieguide® Staff

Taylor Calmus, known for his family-orientated content like his DUDE DAD vlogs and SUPER DAD TV show, recently uploaded a video on Facebook about the challenges and joys of parenting three children.

However, the video also contained a surprise family update from Taylor and his wife, Heidi.

“In the U.S., families have an average of 1.8 kids, so if you have three like me, consider yourself on the dark side,” he joked. “Here’s the deal, I haven’t been making a lot of these testimonial videos lately and that is because they take a lot of thought—and when you have three kids it’s hard to think.”

Taylor and Heidi share three children, 5-year-old Theo, 3-year-old Juno, and their baby boy, Otto.

“When you have three kids you are always in a constant state of reaction, reacting to this kid because he refuses to eat, reacting to this kid because he’s about to fall down the stairs, reacting to this kid because she gave herself a makeover with a marker,” the video continued with clips of the children. “The hard part is they don’t have the capacity to understand that the world doesn’t actually revolve around them. They think that their mother and I were created just to serve them.”

“Luckily, our baby is extremely chill, until the sun goes down. And then gizmo turns into a gremlin,” he laughed.

Taylor confessed that the constant need to keep their children safe is draining.

“Having three kids also means that anytime I go anywhere I have to take at least one kid with me. Otherwise, I’ll feel guilty fill up all three kids at home with my wife knowing just how draining that can be,” he said.

Despite the hardships of parenting three little ones, Taylor said that it is all worth it.

“But here’s my takeaway. Having three kids is chaos, but chaos doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing,” he said. “Chaos is our older son trying to teach his little brother how to walk. Chaos is my daughter reading the baby a book even though she doesn’t know how to read. It is a fridge full of sloppy finger paintings and a pile of tiny shoes by the door that are remnants of an adventure had. Chaos is chasing them around the house, getting them to scream at the top of their lungs, just so that they’ll fall asleep. Only to then the next day wake up with them all in your bed because they just want to be close to you.”

“These next few years are going to be hard, but they’re also going to be worth it. As parents, we’re going to guide our kids through life. But as siblings, our kids will get to experience life together. Even after Heidi and I are long gone, our kids will always have each other, and that is why I think three kids is the perfect amount of kids.”

That is until Heidi poked her head in and announced her pregnancy with their fourth child.

“Copy that! That is why I think that having four kids is the perfect amount of kids,” Taylor said.

Movieguide® previously reported on Taylor joining Chip and Joanna Gaines Magnolia Network:

Magnolia Network breakout star Taylor Calmus uses his new show to teach fathers how to build structures and memories to enchant their children.

“I think that our duty as fathers is to create the adventures for our kids,” the SUPER DAD star says. “Kids go through this crazy process of developing mentally and emotionally and physically, and they really learn the most from just play. That’s literally their job as kids, it’s just to play, and us as dads. we have very playful souls, so I really feel like it’s kind of our place and our duty to create the adventure for our kids.”

In SUPER DAD, now on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia network, Calmus teams up with fathers to turn their backyard playtime dreams into reality for their families.

For Calmus, SUPER DAD is an opportunity to showcase uplifting content and inspire viewers.

“We’ve got some amazing stories on SUPER DAD,” Calmus tells Movieguide®. “Some of the different dads we meet, they don’t all have like perfect stories. A lot of them have very imperfect stories, but it’s sort of where they’ve gone and the choices they made out of those stories that make them super dads.”

Calmus continues: “The show is about not just building structures but building memories, and helping a dad do something really cool for his kids so that he can be their hero in a whole new way. It’s about creating those positive experiences for these kids with their dad.”


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