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Dude Dad’s Taylor Calmus on How to Be a Hero to Your Children

Taylor Calmus/Magnolia Network/YouTube

Dude Dad’s Taylor Calmus on How to Be a Hero to Your Children

By Movieguide® Contributor

The Magnolia Network’s newest star, Taylor Calmus, knows that being a “Super Dad” means putting your kids first. 

Calmus gained popularity after showcasing his creations on YouTube under “Dude Dad,” catching the eye of Magnolia heads Chip and Joanna Gaines. The couple offered him his own show, SUPER DAD. 

“We build these big cool structures, but the show isn’t about building cool structures,” he explained. “It’s about building memories. It’s about creating things that help bring dads together with their kids. And it’s about dads talking to other dads about what it means to be a father.”

He continued, “Becoming a father is such a humbling experience and changes you in this magnificent way because you’re forced outside of yourself and it gives everything you do new purpose because it’s for a reason. When you build things with your kids, you get to see the whole thing come together, but then after that, you get to see the joy on their faces for years to come. And honestly, I think the biggest reward for me is when I hear my kids brag about me, when they’re like, ‘Oh, my dad can do that,’ and like, ‘Oh, my dad built this.’”

“I think that’s the coolest thing is when you get to feel like that hero to your kids, because you built them the thing,” Calmus shared. “And that’s what the show is about is passing that feeling on that makes me cry right now to other dads and giving them the opportunity to have that same experience with their kids.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Calmus’ feelings about fatherhood:

Magnolia Network breakout star Taylor Calmus uses his new show to teach fathers how to build structures and memories to enchant their children.

“I think that our duty as fathers is to create the adventures for our kids,” the SUPER DAD star says. “Kids go through this crazy process of developing mentally and emotionally and physically, and they really learn the most from just play. That’s literally their job as kids, it’s just to play, and us as dads. we have very playful souls, so I really feel like it’s kind of our place and our duty to create the adventure for our kids.”

In SUPER DAD, now on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia network, Calmus teams up with fathers to turn their backyard play time dreams into reality for their families.

For Calmus, SUPER DAD is an opportunity to showcase uplifting content and inspire viewers.

“We’ve got some amazing stories on SUPER DAD,” Calmus tells Movieguide®. “Some of the different dads we meet, they don’t all have like perfect stories. A lot of them have very imperfect stories, but it’s sort of where they’ve gone and the choices they made out of those stories that make them super dads.”

Calmus continues: “The show is about not just building structures but building memories, and helping a dad do something really cool for his kids so that he can be their hero in a whole new way. It’s about creating those positive experiences for these kids with their dad.”

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