Elvis’ Stepbrother Shares The Rock Star’s Faith: ‘Whenever [Elvis] Was in Trouble, He Would Always Turn To God’

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Elvis’ Stepbrother Shares The Rock Star’s Faith: ‘Whenever [Elvis] Was in Trouble, He Would Always Turn To God’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Most remember Elvis Presley for his legacy of rock ‘n’ roll music and fun movies. However, his stepbrother is on a mission to bring another part of the King’s life to the public: his strong Christian faith. 

Billy Stanley, Presley’s stepbrother and author of the upcoming book “The Faith of Elvis: A Story Only a Brother Can Tell,” shared details about Presley’s dedication to God. 

“He was a Christian, and most people don’t know that,” Stanley said. “When I say ‘Christian,’ he was a Bible-carrying Christian…wherever he went, he took the Bible with him. He read the Bible almost every day.”

This reliance on Scripture helped Presley navigate the challenges his fame created in his life. 

“Nobody can really imagine the position Elvis was in…here you have a man that really changed culture,” Stanley explained. “I always thought…he had the devil on one side, and he’s got God on the other side, and there was a constant battle going on inside of his head. [Elvis] did his best…whenever he was in trouble, he would always turn to God.”

Stanley also shared stories of Presley’s generosity, from giving money to the homeless, to providing an apartment and gifts for a family whose home had burned down shortly before Christmas. 

Presley’s life tragically ended in 1977, and it greatly affected Stanley. 

“It devastated me because I never could have pictured [it],” he said. “I always thought he was gonna outlive me…I never thought of it. And when it actually happened, it just devastated me so bad that I didn’t know how to grieve at the time, and I turned to alcohol and drugs.”

After having a dream about his stepbrother, Stanley “got clean and sober” in 1987. 

Stanley hopes that readers see a new side of Presley in his book, but also hopes they form their own personal connections with Christianity. 

“One thing I hope is that they get a relationship with God themselves, seeing that the most famous entertainer of all time had a relationship with Him,” Stanley shared. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Presley’s faith:

Greg Laurie’s new book, Lennon, Dylan, Alice, & Jesus: The Spiritual Biography of Rock and Roll, highlights many famous rockers’ connections to Christianity, including the legendary king of rock’n’roll. 

“Elvis Presley. A ground-breaking superstar who became the ‘King Of Rock N Roll,’” Laurie captioned a video of himself talking about the musician. “What did Elvis think of that title? I talk about him and much more in my new book, ‘Lennon, Dylan, Alice and Jesus.’”

Laurie discussed the new movie ELVIS, and how it showed the impact that faith had on Presley’s life, from attending tent revivals, to singing gospel songs. 

“Elvis is an interesting story,” he explained. “Because he became very famous, but tragically, his life began to unravel.”

He continued, “There’s a story told of a concert that Elvis was doing, and some woman actually came up to him with a pillow and crown on it, and said, ‘You’re the king of rock ‘n’ roll. Here, Elvis.’ And he said, ‘There’s only one king, and it’s Jesus.’ 

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