Fans of THE CHOSEN Crash Website Seeking Tickets For Season 3 Finale

Photo from the CHOSEN Instagram

Fans of THE CHOSEN Crash Website Seeking Tickets For Season 3 Finale

By Movieguide® Contributor

After the announcement that the final two episodes of Season 3 of THE CHOSEN would air in theaters, “tens of thousands” of excited fans reportedly crashed the Fathom Events website. 

Fox News said that “fans of the popular biblical dramaThe Chosen’ reportedly crashed a movie theater website on Sunday night in their rush to purchase tickets for the show’s season finale.”

After the livestream revelation provided by the show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins, it became very apparent how much fans wanted to watch the Season’s closing episodes on the big screen. 

“Unfortunately, the demand for tickets for The Chosen season finale crashed the Fathom Events website. It is now working again, so you can get tickets for Eps 7/8 at Fathom or your usual ticketing sites,” the show’s FaceBook page shared on Monday. 

Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt said the website was temporarily down due to fan demand but it quickly recovered to help “tens of thousands of fans” buy tickets. 

“After reading the comments from fans on social media, it is evident that they are very excited about seeing episodes 7 & 8, in theaters with their friends and family,” Nutt told Fox News Digital. 

Fans can watch the series in theaters Feb. 2 and 3, with the show teasing that its “stunning conclusion” “demands to be seen on the big screen.” 

However, the faith-based Angel Studios series will also be available to watch for free on “The Chosen” app a few days later on Feb. 5 and 7. 

As THE CHOSEN audience grows and its influence spreads, it is more and more evident that the story of “the light of the world” is impacting culture in a positive way.   

Movieguide®, who supported the show before it became a worldwide phenomenon, consistently notes the growing impact and popularity of the biblical series, and has nominated it for an MGA Award, had this to say of the series in its overview of the first season: “THE CHOSEN is a faithful adaption of stories in the Gospels. Familiar Gospel characters are given full lives, and Sunday school stories are given new, exciting contexts.” 

As the show continues to faithfully tell the greatest story ever told, let us hope that audiences will continue to turn out as they have to this point.