First Picture Released of Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers

First Picture Released of Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

In October 2019, audiences can look forward to seeing the new movie about the late Fred Rogers, called YOU ARE MY FRIEND. Tom Hanks stars as the iconic TV personality, Mr. Rogers and the likeness of the two men is uncanny.

Tom Hanks has played his fair share of real-life people like CAPTAIN PHILLIPS and the pilot Sullenberger in the movie SULLY, but this red sweeter costume could be his most convincing look yet. The movie follows Mr. Rogers’ unlikely friendship with a journalist (played by Matthew Rhys) assigned to cover his TV series.

Despite his passing in 2003, Mr. Roger is still beloved and talked about today. Earlier this year a documentary about Mr. Rogers called WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR became one of the highest grossing documentaries, making $22 million at the box office. The movie highlighted the importance of Roger’s Christian faith and his desire to protect children from harmful media (read the full review of the documentary here).

YOU ARE MY FRIEND will also feature Susan Kelechi Watson (THIS IS US) and Chris Cooper. The movie is currently in production.

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