Hallmark and UPTV Are Releasing These Four Christmas Movies This Weekend

Hallmark and UPTV Are Releasing These Four Christmas Movies This Weekend

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Now that our bellies are stuffed full of turkey and thankfulness, the winter season is upon us and that means Christmas movies galore.

The Hallmark Channel started to premiere their 36-movie lineup at the end of October and there’s plenty more where that came from, including movies with stars like Candace Caermon Bure, Lori Loughlin and many more. Here’s a sneak peek of two movies to air on The Hallmark Channel:

  • WELCOME TO CHRISTMAS airs on Saturday, December 1st. This movie is a mystery where one resort developer, played by Jennifer Finnigan (SALVATION), travels to the quaint town of Christmas, Colorado. While there, she unearths the sweetness of this small-town that’s committed to spreading Christmas Spirit. She must decide if the town is a fit for the new resort.
  • In MINGLE ALL THE WAY, Molly (played by Jen Lilley of DAYS OF OUR LIVES) creates an app for professionals to go to holiday parties together to network free of romantic attachments. To show her friends and family of its usefulness, she signs herself up and gets paired up. However, with the love in the air during the holiday season, the two might have to fight a potential romantic spark. MINGLE ALL THE WAY premieres this coming Saturday.

UPtv also has a variety of Christmas movies with five premieres and reruns of fan favorites totaling over 500 hours of content for audiences. Here are two movies to keep an eye out for on Sunday on UPtv:

  • In CHRISTMAS CATCH, audiences meet Detective Mackenzie Bennet, a Christmas fanatic whose holiday plans get derailed after she learns that an attractive newcomer to town is a suspect of a diamond heist. Now, she must go undercover to get to the bottom of things.
  • A CHRISTMAS IN VERMONT follows Riley (Abigail Hawk of BLUE BLOODS), a devoted worker for a profit-hungry boss who asks her to shut down a small outwear company in Vermont. While engaging with the homegrown company, Riley falls in love and decides to help the company continue operations and learns valuable lessons in the process. CHRISTMAS IN VERMONT also stars Chevy Chase of the 1989 movie, NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION.

For new family-friendly Christmas movie options, be sure to check Movieguide® and in the meantime, click here to see some of our top 10 Christmas movie favorites.

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