‘God Had Me’: Tori Kelly Opens Up About Collapse, Hospitalization

‘God Had Me’: Tori Kelly Opens Up About Collapse, Hospitalization

By Movieguide® Contributor

Tori Kelly says she’s feeling “great” following her collapse and hospitalization earlier this year. 

“It’s been a crazy few months, a crazy year,” the Grammy-winning singer said during an appearance on THE JENNIFER HUDSON SHOW. “I actually ended up collapsing one night and they found out that I had blood clots. It was really crazy and scary.”

Kelly continued, “My family was definitely there for me. I had a peace throughout most of it, but I was just kinda confused and wondering what was going on. I thankfully had some amazing doctors who were able to just take care of everything and get me healthy.”

She reassured fans that she feels “amazing” today and that “it’s a manageable thing now.”

“They’re still monitoring me, but yeah, I feel great,” Kelly reiterated. “I’m back to singing and back to doing my thing. I feel really good. I’m really grateful.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Kelly’s collapse:

Grammy Award winner Tori Kelly was hospitalized Sunday, July 23, after fainting during dinner in downtown L.A.

According to a source, Kelly is being treated for blood clots found around her vital organs.

A source told TMZ that Kelly was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where doctors found blood clots around Kelly’s lungs and legs. 

According to the source, Kelly’s condition is “really serious,” and she has been “in and out of consciousness.” 

She told the New York Post that the health scare gave her a new outlook on life, explaining, “It definitely makes me want to live in the moment more and just cherish every little thing and keep my people close…I know I will be so grateful to be up there on that stage. It’s a whole bunch of emotions, and the overall feeling is just one of feeling really grateful.”

Kelly reflected further on her blessings in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying, “That just made me even more grateful and not want to take a single moment for granted. Looking out in the audience and seeing all my amazing fans again has been keeping my spirits high.”

“On one end, it was scary, and then on another end, I did feel this sense of unexplainable peace that it was gonna be OK,” she shared. “I just felt like God had me and it was gonna be OK, but yeah, definitely in the midst of that it was just kind of a confusing whirlwind.”

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