GREENHOUSE ACADEMY Focuses on Good vs Evil

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GREENHOUSE ACADEMY Focuses on Good vs Evil

By Jenny Frye, Contributing Writer

GREENHOUSE ACADEMY is a Netflix original series following the students who attend the boarding school called “Greenhouse Academy.” The first season was released in 2017, and there have been four seasons total.

Season 4 follows a variety of main characters who are trying to uncover the mystery behind a virus that has surfaced and is threatening the wellbeing of the students. Two students named Hayley and Leo have been the target of many attacks since they are the only two humans alive to survive the virus and carry antibodies. The school is on edge, and some students start their own investigations to discover who is behind the attacks and threats of the virus. However, a turn of events happens when the suspect shows up to a school conference and blackmails the parents and students.


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Season 4 of GREENHOUSE ACADEMY is interesting and entertaining; however, the acting can be very cheesy at times. GREENHOUSE ACADEMY is rated TV-PG and the genre is categorized as teen drama. Some of the overarching themes in this season are friendship, compassion, teamwork, and good vs. evil. For example, the group of friends never leave someone behind. When Hayley and Leo get kidnapped and trapped in the van, Daniel comes to the rescue and helped them escape. Additionally, Hayley’s friends and family work with the fire department when she gets stuck in a cave. They work endlessly until they get her out. Lastly, a girl named Sophie discovers that a group of men have been framed for the virus crimes, but she works to find the real perpetrator.

The most prominent theme in season 4 of GREENHOUSE ACADEMY is that good will win against evil. At the end of the season the real bad guys get caught for their crimes and they face jail time. Additionally, a teacher who had been working with the criminals is stopped by a group of students and runs away. Lastly, the men who had been framed for the crimes are released.

Some of the elements in GREENHOUSE ACADEMY are questionable. For example, there is an OMG profanity and a student calls a group of criminal’s “bastards.” However, there isn’t any more foul language in the season. Additionally, there are some violent scenes sprinkled throughout the season where students get in fist fights, a man is thrown off a cliff, a man stabs his nurse with a needle, a student is threatened with a baseball bat, and two students are cut on purpose. Lastly there are a lot of miscellaneous elements such as jealousy, lying, kidnapping, and blackmail. The miscellaneous elements are the most prevalent on the show and work into the plot. Although GREENHOUSE ACADEMY is appropriate for the most part, the show may be intense for younger viewers. The best audience would be teenagers and young adults.

Overall, the series is entertaining and has an interesting plotline. Most elements are appropriate, yet some are questionable. Moreover, the show has a good message about defeating evil and maintaining good friendships as well.

Some of the acting can be cheesy and over the top at times, but in general the show is enjoyable to watch.
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