How Fox News Host Shannon Bream Stays Rooted in the Word

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How Fox News Host Shannon Bream Stays Rooted in the Word

By Movieguide® Contributor

Fox News host Shannon Bream explained how the Bible fits into her daily schedule and why she clings to God’s word to combat the darkness she faces every day as a newscaster.

“I have seasons where I do better with this and worse with this, and I try to give myself some grace, like, OK you’re going to have time when life is more manageable,” Bream told “The Christian Health Club Podcast.” “I think all of us listening know that. The things for me that are non-negotiable, number one, is my time in the word every day.”

“That’s always been part of my life, but I got really shaken during COVID, as I’m sure many of us did, where every day when you woke up the first thing was the death toll,” she continued. “Who’s sick? What’s happening? What works? What doesn’t work? This is just spreading across the globe. It was just doom, I mean, covering our hearts and our homes every day.”

“And I thought, I can’t even look at my phone when I get up first thing in the morning…I can’t do this unless I have got my armor on first and I am in the word and I’m praying…” she added. “So that just became a bit of a wakeup call for me, like, yes this has always been part of your life and you are pretty consistent every day, but it’s got to be the first thing, and so that’s really for me the setting for my whole day.”

Having been in this daily routine for a couple of years, Bream is now shifting her focus to also include memorization. By carrying God’s word with her, she can better combat dark thoughts when they threaten her peace.

“Along with scripture, I’ve started to push myself to memorize because I feel like the older I get, the harder it gets,” she explained. “But it’s really nice to have at your fingertips and in your brain. And when I wake up with my mind racing at night, that’s something I’ve really had to work on.”

“And so I can have certain passages I try to memorize, longer passages when I can,” Bream continued. “I’ve done Psalm 139 and obviously Psalm 23 and just things that I can really work through in my mind to refocus on the eternal, even if it’s just like a quick prayer.”

She takes her relationship with God into all areas of her life.

“I do pray for wisdom. I pray for discernment, and that my work will be excellent,” she told The Christian Post. “My work is unto God and not unto men. I want to do an excellent job here, but I remember that I’m representing an even higher force, which is my heavenly Father. My faith just weaves through everything that I do.”

Last year, she released her book “The Love Stories of the Bible Speak: Biblical Lessons on Romance, Friendship, and Faith.”

“There are so many good love stories in the Bible, and I thought, let’s mine those for some lessons,” Bream told CBN’s Faithwire. “The world may tell us one thing about relationships and how they should work and for a lot of people that’s not working, so let’s look at what God had planned.”

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