How God Led Lawson Bates to the Music Industry

Photo via Lawson Bates Instagram

How God Led Lawson Bates to the Music Industry

Interview by Evy Baehr Carroll, Movieguide® TV Host

Copy by Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

BRINGING UP BATES’ Lawson Bates didn’t always know he wanted to pursue a career in music. But, as God opened the doors, he walked through them.

Bates said he loves all kinds of music, but wasn’t sure if music industry was for him.

“I love bluegrass music, country music, gospel music, and classic stuff like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, pretty much a broad scope. It was always a big part of my life,” the singer said.

“I was passionate about it, but I never really thought this is something I could have the talent to do as a career.”

It was his mother, Kelly Jo, who encouraged him to pursue his passion.

“I think I was about 18, and my mom was like, ‘Hey, you need to you know go talk to some of your connections that you have in Nashville and record some of these songs.’”

He continued, “I was blessed to know a really great Christian guy and producer named Andy Leftwich. He’s a fiddle player for Ricky Skaggs and just phenomenal talent, just a great guy.”

It was with Leftwich that Bates completed and released his first project, which did better than he hoped.

That’s when he started taking this career path more seriously.

“I started talking to my parents other people that kind of influence my decisions and try to coach me and help me and they said, ‘You know if you really really think this is where God’s leading you as a career, and you want to take it seriously, then you want to find out how you can compete with the mainstream and just be the best version that you’re made to be.’”

Bates decided to roll with where he felt God was leading him and moved to Nashville. He spent three years writing and released his first country album titled “What Country Means To Me.”

Since then, he’s been writing and recording music.

Bates revealed to Movieguide®’s Evy Baehr Carroll that he does have a full album recorded, and a song from the album will be released in the coming weeks. As for when the full album will be available, he’s not sure.

Bates has continued to write music to help keep busy during quarantine, but has also found time to complete another cool project.

“I also recently finished up my pilot’s license,” he said.

“That was kind of something cool during all of this crazy that I could get knocked out because I had a little free time.”

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