How Golfer Bubba Watson Surrendered His Anxiety to God: ‘I Thank The Lord For The Blessings I’m Learning To Embrace’

Photo from Bubba Watson’s Instagram

How Golfer Bubba Watson Surrendered His Anxiety to God: ‘I Thank The Lord For The Blessings I’m Learning To Embrace’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a recent article for Guideposts, pro golfer Bubba Watson wrote about his struggles with anxiety and how God helped him rid himself of fear.

In 2002, Watson began his professional career in golf. By 2012, Watson won one of the highest accolades in the sport, the Masters.

However, despite the list of awards, Watson doubted that he truly belonged in the sport.

“I thought of all the great names in our sport who’d won [the Masters], and I didn’t see where I fit in,” he confessed. “Maybe I was just an impostor, a flash in the pan. I ended up taking the storied green jacket awarded in Augusta, Georgia, and shoving it in the back of my closet.”

Watson revealed that his anxiety grew worse, even visiting the doctor due to what he thought were “heart attacks.” Watson’s high-stress levels resulted in rapid weight loss, which pushed Watson to the breaking point.

“I felt panicky, as if having another ‘heart attack.’ I collapsed to my knees. ‘God, I’m so lost! Something is wrong with me, and I don’t know what it is. Help me, please help me.'”

“I was losing. But not on the golf course, nowhere but inside my head,” he continued. “I’d lost the battle of denial. In the depths of my suffering, when I cried out to the Lord, I also began to feel a release, as if at last I’d truly handed my burden of self-doubt and worry to God, a burden I’d always thought was mine alone to bear.

“Anxiety had come to rule my life, not a loving God,” Watson wrote, thinking back to the love he witnessed between his parents and the love he shared with his wife, Angie, and their children.

“Without a doubt, I knew God loved me — love that could be equaled by no other force in the universe,” the golfer wrote. “If only I could let that all-encompassing love banish my fears, my lifelong battle with anxiety.”

While Watson admitted that he is “not completely free of anxiety,” he said that he found healing in surrendering his anxiety to God.

“I surrendered to the fact that I had a problem, an anxiety disorder, and took my first crucial step toward finding help and getting better,” Watson wrote, adding that he fishes to de-stress.

“It’s an escape from the tour and the things that can trigger anxiety,” Watson shared. “I recharge my batteries, as they say, especially my spiritual batteries. I relax. And I thank the Lord for the blessings I’m learning to embrace.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Two-time Masters champion and Golf legend Bubba Watson recently discussed how he pursues God’s calling for his life in his new book, “Up & Down.”

“That’s the reason why I wanted to come out with the book is to share and to share that we all have issues. And if you say you don’t you really do. Right? Like, let’s be honest with everybody,” Watson told CBN.

“When you start listening and learning about the gospel, learning about the Bible, you want to give back,” he added. “On my death bed I don’t want my kids to go on the podium and be like ‘he was two-time Master’s champion.’ If they say that, I’ve already missed. I’ve missed everything I was supposed to do. I’ve been blessed so much, why not bless other people?”