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How Tim Tebow Fights to End Sex Trafficking

Photo via Tim Tebow Instagram

How Tim Tebow Fights to End Sex Trafficking

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Former NFL star Tim Tebow shared a challenging video on his Instagram that details his fight to end sex trafficking. 

In the video, Tebow stated, “Right now there are over 50,000 children’s images of abuse that sit in a global database. And for those 50,000, law enforcement has not been able to identify. Many people would refer to this as CSAM, Child Sexual Abuse Material. There are boys and girls that are being raped and tortured but are still unknown.” 

Another spokesperson shared, “The worst moments of these children’s lives are being videotaped. And being shared all over the world. The U.S. hosts more websites than any other nation in the world.”

Tebow concluded the video, saying, “Those are all boys and girls that are made in the image of God that are going through torture. Can there be a more daunting thought than, ‘Am I worth enough for someone to come rescue?’” 

“I believe that human trafficking and child sexual exploitation are two of the greatest evils we face today. @timtebowfoundation has been in this fight for more than ten years and been blessed to expand our impact across 30 countries,” he wrote in the caption. 

“Through our team and partners, we have created and operate 20 safe homes with 22 more in progress and protected more than 2,000 victims while helping bring 500+ perpetrators to justice.”

Tebow firmly believes that every child is worth enough to be rescued. 

“I believe every person on this earth is created in the image of God—uniquely, beautifully, and perfectly. Their value is priceless, and they are not for sale. We have to do everything we can to continue identifying and protecting victims, caring for survivors, and working to prevent it from happening in the first place,” he added.

He concluded, “On this #WorldDayAgainstTrafficking, we are sharing about an evil that is just as dark as child trafficking and today, we are launching unKNOWN, my 36th Birthday Fundraiser. Children around the world are suffering from horrific sexual abuse, many from the very people who are meant to protect them. CSAM, or child sexual abuse material, is an evil that has been hiding in the darkness of our communities, our homes, and the internet for too long and it’s past time we exposed it to the light.”

The Tim Tebow Foundation wrote, “Join us to help identify and protect UNKNOWN children who have been sexually abused, exploited and experienced the darkest of evils.” 

Movieguide® previously reported on Tebow and his efforts to end sex trafficking: 

Tim Tebow and his foundation are raising money to build the TTF Protection Center in Thailand as a place to protect up to forty girls rescued from human trafficking.

In a recent Instagram video, Tebow shared, “A few years ago, we deepened our fight in this terrible evil in the world of human trafficking and child exploitation. And in the last 365 days, we’re so excited to share with you that we have grown so much and been part of rescuing thousands and building safe homes in so many different countries.”

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