Tim Tebow Fights Trafficking in Thailand with New Protection Center

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Tim Tebow Fights Trafficking in Thailand with New Protection Center

By Movieguide® Contributor

Tim Tebow and his foundation are raising money to build the TTF Protection Center in Thailand as a place to protect up to forty girls rescued from human trafficking.

In a recent Instagram video, Tebow shared, “A few years ago, we deepened our fight in this terrible evil in the world of human trafficking and child exploitation. And in the last 365 days, we’re so excited to share with you that we have grown so much and been part of rescuing thousands and building safe homes in so many different countries.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the work Tebow’s foundation does to fight trafficking. “We’re in 67 countries and we’re building more hospitals right now and we’re building more special needs orphanages and villages and rescuing girls from trafficking. And, I just am so passionate about that.”

Tebow launched this newest campaign with RAPHA International, an organization “committed to offering hope and healing to survivors of child slavery and sexual exploitation.”

This home will specifically “provide elevated security for at-risk survivors while their traffickers face prosecution.”

“The Thai government, Thai police have asked our partners in RAPHA International for a protection center because there are so many girls that had been rescued from trafficking,” Tebow explains. However, they “are still in danger with active threats, death threats and prices on their head, just so they can’t testify against their trafficker.”

Tebow believes this is because the traffickers do not want to face justice, and “they are capable of atrocious acts of evil to silence those speaking against them.”

“This protection center will provide love, safety and care for 40 girls at a time,” he shares. “But right now we have to act urgently. There are 15 Girls in Thailand waiting on this home.”

He launched this campaign for his 35th birthday, asking his followers to help contribute to this vital work.

Tebow shares that the protection center will cost $1.3 million, but through his followers’ previous support, his foundation can already commit $600,000 to the project.

He encourages his followers to “be a part of this team that doesn’t look away while they’re in their darkest hour of need.”

The TTF Protection Center will be a place where these victims of human trafficking, exploitation and sexual abuse “can feel love, protected, supported, and have everything they need.”

“I don’t know if you can get much closer to who we are as a foundation than protecting the most vulnerable!” Tebow shared. “It is my hope and prayer that you’ll join us in building the TTF Protection Center.”

Movieguide® previously reported on why Tebow passionately fights trafficking: 

Tim Tebow penned an emotional op-ed for Fox News about his personal connection to human trafficking—and why he’s so determined to fight it.

The former NFL quarterback detailed how his father “purchased four young girls” while on a trip overseas. But instead of purchasing the girls for his own gain as thousands of others do every day, he did it to free them from a life of trafficking.

At the time, Tebow said he was “completely unaware such a transaction was even possible.”

“People buy groceries. Shoes. Annual passes to Disney World. They don’t buy other people,” he wrote. “But I had heard him correctly. My dad had opened up his wallet and bought as many girls as he could with the cash he had on hand.”

When his father returned home, Tebow said there wasn’t a safe home to take the girls to, so they built one.

“Honestly, we weren’t prepared. We never saw that moment coming. But over the years, that single moment in time – a moment where one man took a stand for what was right – was the beginning of a ripple effect still in motion today,” he explained.

With many questions still on Tebow’s mind about how human trafficking “got so out of hand,” his foundation, the Tim Tebow Foundation (TTF), is stepping up to the plate to help combat this evil.

Since 2013, the TTF has been fighting against human trafficking. However, Tebow has kept their efforts under wraps to help victims, and rescue organizations working on the ground, feel safe and secure.

Now, he’s ready to go public with this fight.

“We cannot stand silently and passively watch as evil rages on,” he wrote.

“It’s time for Christians around the world to take a stand, to raise our voices and say no more. No more will we allow girls and boys, many of whom are just children, to be bought and sold as if they were just products for someone else’s personal gain.”

He continued, “Every person on this earth is created in the image of God – uniquely, beautifully, and perfectly. Their value is priceless, and they are not for sale.”

Tebow admitted that he, too, gets overwhelmed when he thinks about how big this problem is. But he ended his essay with this truth:

“The God who created the universe, rose from the grave and defeated death once and for all is the same One who is fighting even now for the 40 million trapped in slavery around the world,” he wrote.

“Nothing is too big for Him. Nothing. He doesn’t need us, but He chooses to use us.”


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