How Youtube’s New Guidelines Could Help Cultivate A Child-Safe Environment

Photo by Sara Kurfess via Unsplash

How Youtube’s New Guidelines Could Help Cultivate A Child-Safe Environment

By: Movieguide® Contributor

Youtube’s updated creator guidelines, released late 2022, deters creators from producing sexual, drug and dishonest behavior related content alongside a controversial profanity change.

“Our policies are constantly evolving,” a google rep explained, “We are always working to facilitate a healthy digital advertising ecosystem.” While these changes were made for the benefit of advertisers, they contribute to the safety of children on the website as well.

The updated guidelines classified topics related to drug trade organizations as “harmful or dangerous acts” and incorporated drug usage as a reason for demonetization.

“We do not allow monetization of content that includes graphic sexual text, image, audio, or games, and non-consensual sexual themes whether simulated or real,” a google rep explained. These additions expanded Youtube’s strict restrictions on sexual content including nudity, sexual entertainment and sexual merchandise.

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The new policy also introduced new actions into the “enabling dishonest behavior” guideline. Among these new actions are the “impersonation of a retail store employee without the owner’s permission,” a video format that has gone viral many times over across multiple social media platforms.

While these changes can instill confidence in parents that their children will be safe on Youtube, their announcement was overshadowed by a change in Youtube’s approach to profanity from which they received widespread backlash from creators.

As Movieguide® previously reported, this policy is likely to be modified due to its deviation from previous guidelines.

Youtube continues to lead the way in video distribution as 122 million users access the site daily. With this immense traffic, Youtube’s responsibility to regulate content only grows. While many of their guidelines benefit the safety of children, their focus is on the happiness of advertisers, also leading to the censorship of Christian, pro-life, and conservative channels.

Movieguide® previously reported:

According to CEO and President of theDove Perry Atkinson, YouTube removed thousands of videos posted to the Christian media network’s channel.

Atkinson noted that the video-sharing platform took down an estimated 15,600 videos. YouTube had notified theDove that their content violated its Community Guidelines and their channel exceeded the “three strike” limit.