Why Jenny Marrs Prioritizes ‘Beautiful and Full Life’ Over Perfect House

Photo from Jenny Marrs’ Instagram

Why Jenny Marrs Prioritizes ‘Beautiful and Full Life’ Over Perfect House

By Movieguide® Contributor

FIXER TO FABULOUS’ Jenny Marrs is prioritizing life’s beautiful moments over a “perfect” house. 

“Our house is not a museum,” she wrote on Instagram. “It’s a living, breathing, soul-filling place where our kids learn what we value most. And we most value the five of them.”

Marrs continued, “If I value a perfectly orderly and clean home at all times, I can’t possibly encourage art projects at the kitchen table. If I value quiet and serenity, I can’t possibly embrace impromptu dance parties with music blaring and instruments being played. If I value a rigid schedule, I can’t possibly be spontaneous and seek adventure.”

“I want our home to be a place for new memories and old traditions to intertwine. I want it filled with the sweet sounds of laughter and celebration, as well as the mundane in-between moments that create a beautiful and full life,” she concluded. 

Marrs explores this topic in her new book, “House + Love = Home.”

“It’s not about making a magazine or Instagram-worthy home. It’s about making a space for your family and making it a place that you love,” Marrs told Better Homes & Gardens. “You want it to reflect who you are and for it to feel personal and warm—that’s what a home should be.”

She celebrated the book’s publication in a recent Instagram post. 

“I’ll never get over this past week. Words can hardly sum up the gratitude I feel as I look back on the last seven days,” Marrs wrote. “And, to the one by my side through it all, my last words of the book ring ever true: ‘And of course, to Dave: I never would have written this book without your encouragement and loving persistence that I can do this. You believe in me more than I believe in myself, and I will always be grateful that you do. Loving you is my favorite thing to do. Thank you for making it so easy. Here’s to our most abundantly beautiful life together. Cheers, my love.’”

Movieguide® previously reported on Marrs’ “House + Love = Home”:

Co-Host of the hit HGTV show FIXER TO FABULOUS, Jenny Marrs, announced that her new book ‘House + Love = Home’ plans to debut in stores in November.  

Marrs posted on her Instagram her book cover and wrote, “After my House + Love = Home manuscript was turned in and I had finished all of my edits, I was told my book was headed off to the printer. I celebrated and my breath caught in my throat as I wrapped my mind around the fact that I really did it: I wrote a book.” 

“My book is currently in the process of being printed and will be on shelves this November,” she added. “That sentence still startles me to type. It’s absolutely surreal. Since before I typed the first word, I have prayed that this book does some good out there in this great, big world. I pray it shines a little light into the darkness. I pray it inspires someone to create a home full of intention. I pray it gives someone permission to stop looking around at what everyone else is doing and start loving well within their four walls.”  

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