Jenny Marrs Thanks God For Showing Her ‘Bigger Picture’ After Recent Endeavor

Photo from Jenny Marrs’ Instagram

Jenny Marrs Thanks God For Showing Her ‘Bigger Picture’ After Recent Endeavor

By Movieguide® Contributor

FROM FIXER TO FABULOUS star Jenny Marrs recently posted a video of Berry Fest and thanked everyone who visited her family’s berry farm.

Marrs also shared an inspiring message about God’s plan.

“I’m so grateful to @houstongevans for this video from Berry Fest,” she captioned a video montage of Berry Fest attendees. “Watching is a reminder of the incredible testament of the way the Lord is using this place for good. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who visited our farm this summer for berry season!”

Her caption continued:

In partnership with Help One Now and their local leaders in Marondera, Zimbabwe, our farm provides resources to train and empower orphaned teenagers to transition into adulthood with the skills that they need to succeed. This program trains and mentors young adults in agriculture & livestock, wood & metal working, business management, textiles, cooking and technology. 

This plan was never on my radar. I only saw the smallest fraction of the big picture when we planted these fields. And, I still do. I still don’t know the extent of how this farm of ours will impact the next generation across the globe or even the families who visit our little stretch of soil here in Arkansas.

Now, as I reminisce on this summer’s berry season, I’m realizing that I will always have limitations – I will always only see so far and so wide. Yet, I can trust God to use this work for His purposes and I can fully surrender control to Him. I simply need to do the work in front of me. Most days, the work is incredibly mundane and the fruit of the labor feels small. But, every so often, I get a little glimpse of the bigger picture and it is absolutely more beautiful than I can comprehend. Berry Fest was one of those really beautiful glimpses.

See you all in the fields next summer! 

Marrs has spoken a lot about her family’s berry farm and the mission they hope to achieve through their work. Movieguide® previously reported:

FIXER TO FABULOUS star Jenny Marrs gave fans an update on her family’s Bentonville Berry Farm, the blueberry farm her family runs to help raise profits for Help One Now

“I’ve lost track of the laps we’ve prayed and walked (while pushing a stroller, or wearing a baby or running or riding a bike) around the fields at @theberryfarm_bentonville over the years,” Marrs captioned a shot of the whole family. 

“Last week, we prayed in the fields for this year’s Berry Fest and for our dear friends doing the hard work in Zimbabwe,” she continued. “We prayed for this farm to be a place of refuge and peace and light in our community. We prayed for the families who would join us and for the families across the globe who will be impacted because of our little farm tucked away in the Ozarks.

“And, this past Friday and Saturday, we opened the fields once again for berry picking and live music and dancing among the fireflies. It was everything we dreamt it would be and more. Friends from near and far gathered on this soil that has bold prayers and big dreams burrowed deep within.”

“What a wild, unbelievable thing this is. The work isn’t easy but it is absolutely worth it. I love that we get to do this and am so grateful for everyone who has joined us on this ride,” Marrs concluded.

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