JESUS REVOLUTION Producer Reveals How God Made His Dreams Reality: ‘Such a Gift’

Photo from Kevin Downes’ Instagram

JESUS REVOLUTION Producer Reveals How God Made His Dreams Reality: ‘Such a Gift’

By Movieguide® Contributor

JESUS REVOLUTION producer Kevin Downes recently reflected on how God transformed his dreams into reality through movies like JESUS REVOLUTION.  

Downes said that JESUS REVOLUTION and similar movies were a dream he and Pure Flix founder and actor David A. R. White shared at a young age but didn’t know how it could happen. 

“It seems like yesterday … sitting out in front of his house, we’re 21-year-old kids, and kind of looking up at the stars, talking, lamenting why we’re not getting enough auditions and this and that,” Downes said. 

“One day, I can remember the conversation. [We were saying], ‘One day, studios will be producing our movies or we’ll be producing movies for studios and they’ll release in theaters across the country,’” he reflected.

“God figured out a way to make it happen,” Downes said. “I don’t think in either one of [our] wildest dreams, did we ever think it was possible to be at the scale that it currently is.”

Downes, who has worked on Movieguide® award-winning movies including COURAGEOUS and I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, said that the whole process is “such a gift.” 

Downes added, “It’s such a blessing and totally God,” as he spoke on how audiences received JESUS REVOLUTION. 

“If you think about it for a minute, these movies that we’re telling are…so God-centered…Jesus is all over them,” Downes said. 

“And to have Hollywood studios to finance them and…get behind the filmmakers in such a way that Lionsgate gets behind myself and John and Andy, and allows us to make the films that we want to make is just something that only God could open those doors.” 

He added, “I just feel like I’m the recipient of a true gift that God has given me in this time period.”

Downes doesn’t plan to stray away from creating films only God wants him to create. 

He stated, “If [stories] don’t impact people, then, in my opinion…it’s a waste of time,”

Movieguide® recently reported Downes’ prayer for JESUS REVOLUTION: 

“I remember praying, ‘Lord, just take this film. It is now yours. Whatever happens, happens,’” he explained. “And that was two weeks before the release.”

JESUS REVOLUTION has made almost $40 million at the box office and its release coincided with the Asbury revival, a worship session on a college campus. 

“What’s funny is — people think that we had something to do with it,” Downes laughed. “We had nothing to do [with it]. Please, people, we’re not that smart.” 

These revivals aren’t the only real-world events that have seemingly been influenced by the release of JESUS REVOLUTION. Downes also spoke of spontaneous prayers happening outside theaters. 

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