Kathie Lee Gifford Announces ‘God Who Sees’ Bible Study Course

Photo from Kathie Lee Gifford’s Instagram

Kathie Lee Gifford Announces ‘God Who Sees’ Bible Study Course

By Movieguide® Contributor

Kathie Lee Gifford and Reverend Joanne Moody are teaming up for a new Bible study course, “The God Who Sees.”

“We are so excited to bring you this brand new Bible study series,” Gifford said in a video announcing the course. “This one’s on the God who sees, based on the film that I wrote called THE WAY and a companion book called ‘The God of the Way.’ This is one of the portions of it. You’ve been studying in the past the God of the how and when and the God of His word; now, we’re doing the God who sees.”

THE WAY is a musical project that Gifford calls “profoundly beautiful.”

“I want [viewers] to learn more about our history, and I want them more to understand the Jewish people and the Jewish faith,” she told CBN. “The original followers of our Messiah, Jesus the Savior of the world, were called followers of ‘The Way.’ He said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life, no one will, you know, come to the Father, except through me,’ which is the best news in the whole world!”

Moody shared that “The God Who Sees” has “stories that are riveting, about Hagar, about Ruth. We have stories about David, about our favorite, Boaz.”

“And we study all about the desert,” Gifford said. “Why the desert is so important — although it’s scary and it’s hard, it’s so important in every believer’s life.”

Moody promised “very important takeaways for you and for me,” adding that the Biblical figures the course focuses on are people “we can learn from [and] glean from, but we can also encounter God within.”

A description of “The God Who Sees” course reads, “In the Bible, we read that Hagar gave God the name El Roi, ‘the God who sees,’ when she recognized that the Lord had seen her in her plight. In our lives, we often wonder if God sees us when trials feel endless, or problems resurface, or once-defeated illnesses return again to impact us. These moments make us question if God sees us and if he truly cares.”

“Delve into the lives of five people in the Bible who, like us, wondered if God saw them in their distress,” the summary continued. “Through the stories of Hagar, Ruth, Boaz, David, and Mary of Magdala, you will discover that even in the darkest times, God constantly watches over you. He has promised to never abandon you, and he empowers you to fulfill the purpose that he has for your life.”

Gifford has frequently spoken about her desire to work on faith-based projects. Movieguide® previously reported:

“I am finally doing what I was born to do,” Gifford told Variety in a recent interview. “There’s a happiness in me now, just when so many other people are retiring and doing whatever they’ve always longed to do. I never stopped doing what I was born to do, but now I have the freedom to totally and completely pursue it.”

Gifford left her job at TODAY two years ago and is now a movie producer, author, and pursuing her career in the music industry.  

“I feel like Waldo from those ‘Where’s Waldo’ books. Waldo’s everywhere…” Gifford said. “What am I doing here? So many people can do so many more things than they believe they can. But they’re paralyzed with fear of failure, I suppose.”

Despite Giffords success and colorful career, faith remains at the center of her life. Gifford’s life shows that she puts her faith in God and not her job, whether it’s singing or hosting.  

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