Kathie Lee Gifford Thanks God for Friendship as She Exits TODAY

Kathie Lee Gifford Thanks God for Friendship as She Exits TODAY

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb greet audiences across the nation every morning to discuss the latest news, trends and interview special guests on the TODAY show. However, that will soon change. On this morning’s episode of TODAY, Kathie Lee made what she called a “bittersweet” announcement.

After almost 11 years, Lee announced that she’s leaving TODAY. Kathie humorously explained, “I’ve been in this business 120 years [sic] and never worked with a more beautiful—more beautiful—group of people, who work every day for four hours of live television, five days a week.”

Lee treasures her time on TODAY in a very special way as she cultivated a lifelong friend in her co-host, Hoda Kotb. She spoke kindness of Kotb saying, “I’m grateful to God for you.” Lee spoke truth from her heart as she continued, “God’s used me in your life every bit as much as He’s used me in yours, Sweetie.”

Kotb got emotional in her response when explaining how much she value’s Kathie’s friendship, “the minute you stepped into my life with both feet, everything changed.” Kotb continued, “How does one-person step into your life and change it like that, and you did that for me.” Lee and Kotb remain confident that their friendship will continue past the days of TODAY.

There’s no question that Lee’s impact on TODAY is due to her faith in Jesus. Lee never shies away from proclaiming the Gospel and often spoke of God’s impact on her life on TODAY. When Rev. Billy Graham, a close friend of Lee’s passed away, Lee recalled that the Holy Spirit stirred inside her soul in a movie theater while watching Rev. Graham’s THE RESTLESS ONES. She went on to boldly proclaim, “I have a cure for the malignancy of the soul, and He has a name, it’s Jesus.” On the show, Lee also encouraged viewers towards a forgiving heart and seeking His goodness when times get rough.

Lee’s impressive resume has given her the opportunity to work with Regis Philbin, Larry King and a slew of other notable celebrities. Yet, most importantly, Lee has spread the light of Jesus to those around her whether a Christian or a non-believer. It’s always encouraging to see God-given talent in the industry foster attitude of joy and for that, we echo Lee’s posture of thankfulness.

Watch Kathie Lee’s touching announcement below.

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