Kathie Lee Gifford Wants To Be ‘Refired [For The Kingdom Of God], Not Retired’

Photo from Kathie Lee Gifford’s Instagram

Kathie Lee Gifford Wants To Be ‘Refired [For The Kingdom Of God], Not Retired’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Kathie Lee Gifford has an impressive resume—from singing and songwriting, to acting and directing, Gifford has done it all and she has no plans to slow down!

“Nobody in the Bible ever retired,” Gifford shared. “They died doing what God put them on this earth to do. Moses didn’t say, ‘I think I’ll play golf now.’ Mary Magdalene didn’t take up bridge.”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things,” she was quick to say. “But when you are on fire for the Kingdom of God, that will stay with you until the moment the Lord takes the breath from your body and takes you into His arms. And that’s the way I want to spend the rest of my life: refired, not retired.”

One of her latest projects is THE WAY, which was also her directorial debut. Movieguide® previously reported

Kathie Lee Gifford stepped behind the camera for her latest project — PureFlix’s new musical movie THE WAY.  

The Movieguide® Visionary Award winner directed the project, and also served as THE WAY’s narrator. Gifford also co-wrote a song for the movie with recording artist Nicole C. Mullen. 

“It’s so profoundly beautiful because [Nicole] is so profoundly beautiful,” Gifford said of THE WAY. “And it worked and people just reacted to it like crazy. And I initially thought it would be something that she could use in her performances, which she does a lot of symphony concerts, but the reaction and the millions and millions of people that watched it and were totally moved and transformed by it, the Lord just spoke to me and said, Kathie, ‘do more, do more.’”

She continued, “So, I did three more with different composer friends and they turned out to be ‘The God of the How and Then,’ ‘The God of His Word,’ ‘The God who Sees,’ with Nicole and the fourth one is called ‘The God of the Other Side.’ And that was made into a film.”

THE WAY marks Gifford’s directorial debut, and the project took the movie’s crew to Israel for some location shoots. 

“I’ve been going to the Holy Land since I was a teenager,” Gifford shared. “It’s my favorite place on the planet. And I was very, you know, upset about COVID to begin with, everybody was. But the fact that I couldn’t go back to Israel and finish shooting everything in Israel where it all happened, the Lord helped us find some amazing locations like in Utah, some places in Texas. And even we shot the prodigal son and updated the prodigal son right here near about a mile from my house with an amazing cast.”

She also shared what she wants people to take away from THE WAY: to learn more about Christianity’s history, as well as a greater understanding of the Jewish faith. 

Gifford has also continued to tirelessly research and digest everything she can about the Bible.

“I can’t sit in most churches now, honestly, because I’m just hearing the same stuff spouted over and over and over again, which I know is not true,” she explained, adding that she “can never go back” after studying the Bible in its original Greek and Hebrew translations. 

Gifford continued, “I don’t want baby food. I don’t want to keep learning the same stuff over and over and over again. It’s not changing me. It’s not transforming me. The work starts after salvation, the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. And that can only be accomplished through God’s Word, His Word, which is flawless. So, study it in its flawless form.”

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