Kirk Cameron Continues Campfire Revival: ‘We Have to Remember Our Reason for Hope’

Photo from Kirk Cameron’s Instagram

Kirk Cameron Continues Campfire Revival: ‘We Have to Remember Our Reason for Hope’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Kirk Cameron took to his Facebook to share to viewers a reason to hope in a world that is broken. 

Cameron opened up in prayer and stated, “We thank You God that we get to partner with You in this mission of bringing heaven to earth. So, we ask for Your blessing tonight and we ask that You fill our hearts with hope and with joy and with faith. Because that’s how You called us to live.”  

Following the prayer, Cameron began with his immense gratitude to God for protecting his daughter from a dangerous situation. Cameron recalled God’s promise to watch over His children and protect them.  

Cameron continued to discuss the “wicked rebellion” that God settled within the heart of every human and concluded the video by ultimately sharing the Good News of the Gospel.  

“He [God] took care of that problem. He objectively accomplished the defeat and the power of the devil living in you and me at the cross. Which didn’t look like a great solution. The Son of God was murdered on a Roman torture device, called a crucifix. But what the devil didn’t know is that his efforts to get Jesus to the cross by betraying him and tempting him and working through Judas and everyone else, only served to checkmate the devil himself.” 

He finished, “Jesus defeated death by dying. And you only understand that when you view the events by faith, not by sight. By sight you say, ‘The Savior was killed.’ But faith says, ‘He came to die and on the third day rise again to defeat death itself.’”  

Movieguide® previously reported on Cameron’s Campfire Revival:  

Over the past 100 days, thousands of viewers have joined Cameron’s live streams where he opened with prayer and held biblically ground discussions about faith, America, restoration, and unification. 

Although the daily live stream came to an end, Cameron encouraged people that it was just the beginning and prayed that it would “spark a fire of revival in our hearts.” 

“Make us a Godly nation once again so that we can be a blessing to You and shine the light of Jesus out to the whole world. We pray that You would revive our nation and that You would set those in our civil government free from the captivity that comes from pride, greed, selfishness, and a lust for power,” Cameron prayed. 

Cameron noted that the church has a significant role to play in promoting unity. 

“This last 100 days has been a model of what we need to be doing across racial lines, denominational lines, gender lines, economic lines, and political lines,” Cameron said. “This has been a good example – these 100 days – and a model for what the church needs to be doing. We need to be unified. We need to gather together and engage, not separate and divide. 

“We need to be fearless and full of faith right now. This is the moment that God has placed us on the stage of the world. The stakes are very high,” Cameron said. “I like freedom and comfort. I like when I’m not scared but there is so much at stake right now that we’ve got to let our love for people and our love for God swallow our fears and do what needs to be done in this moment. And that takes courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the overcoming of it. We need men and women of courage right now.”


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