Kirk Cameron’s 100-Day “Campfire Revival” Ends With a Call for Christians to be ‘Fearless, Full of Faith’

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Kirk Cameron’s 100-Day “Campfire Revival” Ends With a Call for Christians to be ‘Fearless, Full of Faith’

By Movieguide® Staff

Kirk Cameron’s “American Campfire Revival” reached its 100th and final episode on April 30, where he celebrated with friends around a bonfire by worshipping God and praying.

Over the past 100 days, thousands of viewers have joined Cameron’s live streams where he opened with prayer and held biblically ground discussions about faith, America, restoration, and unification.

Although the daily live stream came to an end, Cameron encouraged people that it was just the beginning and prayed that it would “spark a fire of revival in our hearts.”

“Make us a Godly nation once again so that we can be a blessing to You and shine the light of Jesus out to the whole world. We pray that You would revive our nation and that You would set those in our civil government free from the captivity that comes from pride, greed, selfishness, and a lust for power,” Cameron prayed.

Cameron noted that the church has a significant role to play in promoting unity.

“This last 100 days has been a model of what we need to be doing across racial lines, denominational lines, gender lines, economic lines, and political lines,” Cameron said. “This has been a good example – these 100 days – and a model for what the church needs to be doing. We need to be unified. We need to gather together and engage, not separate and divide.

“We need to be fearless and full of faith right now. This is the moment that God has placed us on the stage of the world. The stakes are very high,” Cameron said. “I like freedom and comfort. I like when I’m not scared but there is so much at stake right now that we’ve got to let our love for people and our love for God swallow our fears and do what needs to be done in this moment. And that takes courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the overcoming of it. We need men and women of courage right now.”

Cameron encouraged parents to be aware of what worldviews their children learn in school and to help them create a solid foundation.

“God might be calling you right now to get out of the bleachers and get into the arena, in terms of your involvement in your children’s education,” Cameron said. “Maybe you need to pull them out of public school and begin home educating them. Maybe you need to find a Christian school. Maybe you need to do whatever it takes and put everything on hold so you can pray and ask for God’s direction in that area.

“School is a discipleship program that lasts seven hours a day and five days a week. You can’t overcome that with one hour of Sunday school or a youth group on Wednesday nights. Your children have been placed in your hands by God to disciple them and train them up in the way they should go. If they’re not being trained in that way, you and I are responsible to adjust and recalibrate and God will help you,” he added.

Concluding the “Campfire Revival,” Cameron announced his plans for his future ministry.

“After this 100 days, I want to begin focusing on individual covenants that make up the great overarching covenant in this country, and I want to start with the marriage covenant,” Cameron explained. “Restore and renew the marriage covenant with men and women all across the country as we walk through a powerful book together for 40 days. I’m going to build a campfire in my backyard again, and we’re going to begin to renew the marriage covenant.

“Then I want to move on to a family covenant with how we disciple our children and their education,” Cameron added. “I’d like to move on to our church covenant, then talk about a covenant with our work. I want our hearts and heads to be transformed and the works of our hands to be transformed, our homes to be transformed. Then we want to begin to pray and move into positions of civil government leadership and see the whole home of the United States of America transformed.”

Cameron concluded the night by calling on his viewers to evaluate how they can trust God and live for Him in an increasingly hostile world.

“You are the next step. You are the ones who have to take what we’ve been doing, and God’s been doing, and you’ve got to take this somewhere else. With a personal revival in your heart, begin to spark a revival in some other area of culture where God has placed you in a position of influence. Wherever God has placed you, begin to do something. Be fearless, be full of faith and when you start to have doubts, ask yourself, how big is my God?” Cameron said. “He’s big enough to take you where He wants you to go, to protect and bless you. He promises a good result.”

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