Kristoffer Polaha, Lacey Chabert to Star in Christmas Movie Filmed in Iceland

Photo from Kristoffer Polaha’s Instagram

Kristoffer Polaha, Lacey Chabert to Star in Christmas Movie Filmed in Iceland

By Movieguide® Contributor

Hallmark’s Lacey Chabert and Kristoffer Polaha are cozying up in Iceland for their next Christmas flick.

PEOPLE reported, “The stars teased their new movie on social media on Tuesday, April 16, with a video shot in an ice cave. ‘This would be a really cool place to film a Hallmark Christmas movie, wouldn’t it?’ muses Polaha, 47.”

“Looking straight at the camera with a cheeky smile, Chabert, 41, responds, ‘Really cool.’”

Polaha is an actor who lives by faith. Movieguide® reported how his relationship with God impacts his career choices:

Whether for an audience of 200 or a role in a blockbuster movie, Polaha said that his faith motivates his decisions.

“Some scripts I’ll read and they’re just too dark, they make your soul sick a little bit,” he said. “But then there might be a script that’s dark but it’s directed by somebody who’s just an amazing artist. If I have a chance to work with that person I’m like, ‘Yeah, let’s go for it because I want to become better as an actor.’

“[God] designed me to be an actor and to be a storyteller,” he added. “Sometimes that means acting in a film with a Christian message for Christians, and sometimes that means being a light in really dark places, almost like a missionary, where you’re gonna be this one character in a movie that’s otherwise kind of dark…

The new movie, titled THE CHRISTMAS QUEST, just finished production in Iceland. It’s the first movie that Polaha and Chabert have worked together in.

Chabert stars as an archeologist and ex-wife of a Norse language expert (Polaha), both of whom get sent to Iceland to search for treasure. As others also seek after the treasure, they’re whisked into a fast-paced adventure that just might rekindle their affection in the process.

“This is Chabert’s fifteenth Christmas movie for Hallmark Media,” Parade said. “Previous Hallmark movies include A MERRY SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS, HAUL OUT THE HOLLY, GROUNDSWELL and THE WEDDING VEIL trilogies.”

“THE CHRISTMAS QUEST hails from Synthetic Cinema International, the company behind such Hallmark films as A MERRY SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS and A BILTMORE CHRISTMAS, and Iceland’s Hero Productions,” TV Line reported.

The movie will be part of Hallmark’s annual Countdown to Christmas program, which will start later this year. Last holiday season, Hallmark started the countdown on Oct. 20.

Samantha DiPippo, SVP of development and programming at Hallmark Media, said, “Lacey and Kristoffer are at their charming best together and are the perfect pair to take viewers on this journey.”

“Considering the height difference between the co-stars—Chabert is 5’2″ and Polaha is 6’3″—we imagine a lot of apple boxes were used while filming THE CHRISTMAS QUEST,” Parade quipped.