‘Gratifying’: Mike Rowe’s TUTTLE TWINS Episode Earns Show’s Highest Ratings

Photo from Mike Rowe Works on Instagram

‘Gratifying’: Mike Rowe’s TUTTLE TWINS Episode Earns Show’s Highest Ratings

By Movieguide® Contributor

Mike Rowe’s recent appearance on an episode of THE TUTTLE TWINS earned the show its highest-rated episode ever. 

“Apparently, the highest rated episode in the history of THE TUTTLE TWINS premiered a few weeks ago — the one where my animated alter-ego was allowed to sing a song about the many alternatives to a college diploma, and answer a few questions about the actual value of a four-year degree,” Rowe posted on Facebook. “I find that rather gratifying. Likewise, this clip on Instagram has been viewed over 7 million times — more than any other clip ever shared from this very popular series. Also gratifying.”

Rowe joked that he’d like to credit the high ratings to his own “animated presence” in the episode but added, “I think it’s more likely the result of several inconvenient but undeniable truths that are finally starting to sink in.”

“1) A four-year degree is NOT the best path for the most people,” he listed. “2) Millions of excellent opportunities exist for those who wish to learn a skill that’s in demand. 3) People are different, and pushing ‘college for all’ over the last 40 years has done incalculable damage to millions of people who have been poorly served and wildly overcharged for a degree that guarantees them nothing.”

He concluded, “Big thanks to the twins, for animating the truth, and letting me tell it.”

Rowe previously posted about his appearance on THE TUTTLE TWINS, writing, “If we want to change the perception among so many well-intended parents that a four-year degree is the best path for the most people, we need to show kids that a skilled trade is a thing to aspire to. If you’re me, that means getting animated from time to time, and bursting into song.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the content of THE TUTTLE TWINS:

TUTTLE TWINS is an Angel Studios-produced TV series starring Natalie Madsen, Jonny Vance, Alex Hall, and William Lucas and is available on YouTube. The show was created by Daniel Harmon and is an adaptation of the book series of the same name. The show centers around Hispanic twins, Emily and Ethan, who go on adventures through time and dimensions to learn about economics, politics, civics, and principles of leading a good life with Gabby, their grandma.  

While the show features fresh civics education and generally upholds virtues such as responsibility and freedom, it has a substantial dose of morally distracting humor. Few of these jokes are necessary to the story, such as a reference to nudity about a man in a kilt. Infrequent language includes at least one d-word and profanities using the word “holy” in combination with other words. There are many crude references, light sexual jokes or references, and violent thoughts in some moments of the show. Violence includes crashes and explosions but no on-screen blood or deaths. However, a burning wig flies past a window, implying off-screen deaths.

Overall, the show is good quality children’s civics and economics education, although with some unneeded, unpleasant elements in poor taste distracting from the story and detracting its quality. As with all media for children, one should question how it is forming minds and hearts. MOVIEGUIDE advises that discernment is required for older children.  

Promoting trade schools is one of Rowe’s passion projects, and he often discusses the impossible costs of four-year college degrees. 

“I think more and more people are starting to look at that diploma on the wall and seeing it for what it actually is, which is a receipt,” Rowe told Fox Business. “50% of people who start a college pursuit don’t finish. Those people, their debts aren’t forgiven, you still owe a bunch of money, you don’t have the degree, you don’t have any training.”

He concluded, “I think Gen Z is just starting to realize they’ve been pushed in a direction that, frankly, doesn’t lead to a place they want to go.”

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