Movieguide® Award Nominee Jill Wagner Welcomes Baby Girl With Patriotic Name

Photo courtesy of ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Josh Stringer

Movieguide® Award Nominee Jill Wagner Welcomes Baby Girl With Patriotic Name

By Allyson Vannatt, Senior Writer

Movieguide® award-nominated actress Jill Wagner welcomed a new edition to her family last week.

On April 17, Wagner brought Army Gray Lemanowicz into the world, according to Fox News.

Wagner told People Magazine, “We wanted a patriotic name, and my husband is in the military so we chose her first name to be Army.

“We thought that was a good name to honor both,” she said. “Her middle name is Gray (spelled the American way, with an A) because I have always loved that name. It is strong, intelligent, soft and feminine all in one … which is what I want her to be.”

This is Wagner’s first child, and the second for her husband, David. He has a 10-year-old daughter named Lija.

“Lija is loving being a big sis and all of the dogs are super curious about little Army Gray,” Wagner said. “I have a feeling Hank the farm dog is going to be super protective over her.”

The new mom is “in the most blissful state of mind,” as her “whole world has been turned upside down but in the best way.”

She also added that her husband “has been my rock through it all.”

The Hallmark actress was recently nominated for the Grace Prize® for Inspiring TV performance at the 28th Annual Movieguide® Awards.

Her movie, CHRISTMAS WISHES & MISTLETOE KISSES, won the Epiphany Prize® for Inspiring Television Program at the faith-driven awards show.

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