Natasha Bure Calls Mom Candace Cameron Bure ‘Inspiring’: ‘Living For The Lord’

Photo from Natasha Bure’s Instagram

Natasha Bure Calls Mom Candace Cameron Bure ‘Inspiring’: ‘Living For The Lord’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter Natasha is grateful to her parents for “push[ing] Christ’s love” on her.

“My parents kept us — I wouldn’t say sheltered, but they kept us in a very tight-knit group. We always did things together,” she said while appearing on the “Happy and Healthy” podcast. “We didn’t spend a lot of time in the spotlight, which was nice.”

Natasha shared that her parents made sure to center faith in their family’s life, something that she appreciates today. 

“I’m really grateful that my parents instilled all those values in me and really pushed Christ’s love on me so I could understand for myself what that looks like, and what it looks like without that, because I have experienced a time in my life where I wasn’t pursuing Christ, and just — how empty that feels…so I’m very grateful for how they raised me,” she said. 

When asked about the most difficult parts of being in the public eye, Natasha named “the commentary and people making assumptions about your family.”

“Just being believers in the industry…I feel like they could not be more polar opposites of what they’re trying to push,” she explained. “People just make terrible assumptions about you and how you are as a person. I would say that my family and I always try to uphold kindness and joy and love and all those things, and it gets, quite frequently, overlooked.”

Natasha shared that when she starts to get caught up in what other people think about her, she remembers, “I don’t have to prove myself to anybody if I know, and my people know, that I am walking with the Lord.”

“It’s been very inspiring to watch how my mom has handled herself…just as someone who’s living for the Lord,” she said. “She has all these qualities that just allow her to walk through life with grace, no matter what comes her way.”

Natasha is already following in her mother’s footsteps with a burgeoning acting career. Her most recent project? Great American Family’s A CHRISTMAS FOR THE AGES. 

Per Entertainment Weekly, “The film follows Savannah [Natasha Bure], the youngest granddaughter in a family of four generations of women, who decides to get her family to celebrate what Christmas looked like in the ’40s, ’60s, ’90s, and present day.”

In addition to managing her growing career, Natasha is also adjusting to a recent move to Dallas. 

“I feel like I’m in this little bubble in LA,” she explained. “I just want to meet new people, I want to learn lessons, I want to grow, and I feel like right now where I am in my life, this is the perfect opportunity to go and get out of my comfort zone.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Natasha Bure, daughter of actress Candace Cameron Bure, announced that she is moving from Los Angeles to Texas, joining the growing list of celebrities leaving Hollywood. 

“I’m really nervous,” Natasha confessed in a recent YouTube video. “But I’m nervous in a good way. I feel like there’s so much unknown for the future and that is a really, I don’t know, cool thing.”

She said she hopes to “learn lessons, grow and do something I wouldn’t normally do,” adding that this will be her first time living on her own. 

“This is also the first time I’m ever officially living by myself,” she said. “It’s going to be a challenge, for sure, but I think it will be a good challenge for me. I feel like I’m in this little bubble in LA.”

“I know the city really well,” Natasha added. “I have so many friends that I really love, but I want to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.”