Natasha Bure Stars Alongside Mom Candace Cameron Bure in New AURORA TEAGARDEN Movie

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Natasha Bure Stars Alongside Mom Candace Cameron Bure in New AURORA TEAGARDEN Movie

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter, Natasha, is set to star in the 18th movie of the AURORA TEAGARDEN MYSTERIES franchise.

According to E! News, Natasha plays the teenage version of her mother’s character in AURORA TEAGARDEN: HAUNTED BY MURDER.

E! News reported:

In the movie, which will premiere on Feb. 20, Natasha will portray a younger Aurora in a flashback to when she and her BFF Sally (Lexa Doig) stumble upon their first murder investigation after they enter an infamous haunted mansion on a dare. Twenty years later, Aurora returns to the scene of the crime after her mom Aida (Marilu Henner) purchases the cursed home.

It won’t be the first time the mother-daughter duo teamed up. While the Bures won’t be in the same scene for the upcoming Hallmark Mystery movie, the pair shared the screen in 2017’s SWITCHED FOR CHRISTMAS.

Natasha and Candace also hosted the Movieguide® Award Gala.

As Natasha, 23, follows in her mother’s acting footsteps, she is also open about her Christian faith.

Movieguide® previously reported:

20-year-old Natasha Bure is a busy trying to make her own footprint on the entertainment industry. In February, Bure co-hosted the 27th Annual Movieguide® Awards on the Hallmark Channel with her mother, actress Candace Cameron Bure (FULLER HOUSE). March also was the month her first movie FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE opened in theaters. In a recent interview with FOX NEWS, Bure got candid about her gratitude for the way her parents raised her and other wisdom she gleaned from their example.

Bure recalled, “I really do owe the way that I am to my parents because I was raised in a pretty, I wouldn’t say strict household, but I would say, I was definitely guarded,and I had a lot of rules.”

Bure’s parents, Candace Cameron and former professional Hockey player Valeri Bure, have been married for over 20 years and also have two sons, Lev and Maksim. The young starlet talked about her upbringing, stating, “I wasn’t given an overly excessive amount of freedom where I could do whatever I [wanted].” She added, “I think because of that, I don’t really get tempted too much in Hollywood.”

More than anything, Bure stressed the value of her mother’s example of working in the industry when it comes to her personal discernment. “She’s given me the typical talks, but I think more than anything, I’ve just witnessed a lot of her doings in the entertainment industry — as far as what she does and how she carries herself.”

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