Netflix Show for Preschoolers Pushes LGBT Agenda, ‘They/Them’ Pronouns

Netflix Show for Preschoolers Pushes LGBT Agenda, ‘They/Them’ Pronouns

By Movieguide® Contributor

A recent episode of a Netflix show targeted at preschoolers celebrated a character coming out as “non-binary,” changing her name and using “they/them” pronouns, sparking backlash on social media. 

In the newest season of RIDLEY JONES, an episode entitled “Happy Herd Day” features a female bison named “Fred.” Eager to show off her skills to Grandma Dottie, Fred remembers that Dottie doesn’t know about her new identity. 

“Grandma doesn’t know I changed. She still thinks I’m her granddaughter instead of her grandFred…I do want to tell her,” Fred tells Ridley.

Fred later “comes out” to Dottie after she uses the bison’s real name, “Winifred.”

“My heart says that the way I feel most myself is to go by the name ‘Fred.’ That’s because I’m nonbinary and Fred is the name that fits me best. And I also use ‘they’ and ‘them,’ because calling me a she or a he doesn’t feel right to me,” Fred says to Dottie.

Dottie apologizes and thanks Fred for sharing. 

Now in its fifth season, RIDLEY JONES has featured problematic worldviews and LGBT content in the past. 

Movieguide® rated RIDLEY JONES Episode 1:1 at a -2. Part of the review reads:

“The program also teaches some Romantic, politically correct ideas. For example, such merits, the first episode desensitizes children by sometimes pushing a homosexual agenda. For example, it showcases a nonbinary character who stars in every episode, and one character has two homosexual fathers that appear in multiple episodes. MOVIEGUIDE® therefore advises extreme caution for RIDLEY JONES.”

Netflix has not renewed RIDLEY JONES for another season, according to show creator Chris Nee. 

“Doesn’t surprise me that Netflix has quietly dumped the first preschool show that has a non-binary character coming out,” she tweeted.

Nee believes this most recent episode is “important. It’s a a roadmap for coming out but also for having someone else tell you they’ve changed their pronouns and/or name,”

However, the episode sparked backlash on social media. 

“I can’t get over how much this sucks. Cancel your Netflix subscription,” journalist Ian Miles Cheong reacted on Twitter. 

Other users advised parents to monitor what their children are watching. 

“Be aware of what your children see if they are on screens,” another user tweeted. 

Movieguide® previously reported on the agendas in children’s content: 

However, the need for discernment regarding what our children watch is at an all-time high….

According to new data from KidsKnowBest obtained by Variety VIP, over 3 out of every four parents said their children influence which streamers they choose to keep…

While some Children’s content offers family entertainment free of any immoral content, other studios are using Children’s programming as an avenue for agenda-driven, inappropriate content.

Recent examples of content with subversive messages about sex and gender is Disney Pixar’s LIGHTYEAR, Disney+’s BAYMAX! series, Netflix’s JURASSIC WORLD: CAMP CRETACEOUS, and Warner Bros.’s TRICK OR TREAT SCOOBY-DOO! to name a few.