Netflix’s NIGHT ON EARTH has a Cool Concept, but Falls Short on Delivery

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Netflix’s NIGHT ON EARTH has a Cool Concept, but Falls Short on Delivery

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

NIGHT ON EARTH is a Netflix original documentary mini-series that shows audiences what animals really do when the dark of night falls upon them. Over six episodes, the show covers different terrains across the world to give insight on a multitude of animals and how they survive and thrive in the sometimes deadly night.

The series has an incredible concept as filmmakers aim to catch these animals, some never-before-seen, in their natural habitat using the newest cutting-edge technology. The cameras they use allow the crew to avoid shedding unnatural light on the animals while filming. In some circumstances, infrared cameras are used to be able to see how the animals hunt.

NIGHT ON EARTH captures incredibly beautiful landscapes around the world. The animals the series covers range from lions, bats and elephants to lesser-known species, some that are even endangered. The show even gives insight on different fungi and tress and how the moon and the tide are connected.

However, there’s no real storyline to hook the audience and keep them coming back for more. Each animal species gets a few minutes per episode and most loose ends are quickly resolved. When compared to a more family-friendly nature documentary, like Disney Nature’s DOLPHIN REEF, this series falls extremely short.

Additionally, the narration is bland and monotone, and sometimes sounds like the narrator is trying to seduce the audience. The audience is also reminded multiple times throughout each episode that the images we’re seeing are thanks to cutting-edge technology, and that gets old fairly quickly.

NIGHT ON EARTH features animals sticking together, mothers protecting and taking care of their young, and even extended families coming together to live as one. The show provides facts on animals some people might not know, so learning is a big aspect of the show.

There are some environmentalist issues that come up in a few episodes. For example, one episode talks about how Singapore is becoming more animal friendly and clean, and how other cities should take note and try to mirror what they are doing in their own city.

Furthermore, there is some survival violence. Animals can be seen hunting other animals for food. There are also many instances where the show talks about animals reproducing and shows that in some cases.

NIGHT ON EARTH is geared more towards an animal and nature buff. The lack of a clear storyline and bad narration, along with some natural violence should encourage parents to use caution before watching with their children.

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