OVERCOMER’s Shari Rigby Talks God’s Plan with Rising Screenwriter

OVERCOMER’s Shari Rigby Talks God’s Plan with Rising Screenwriter

By Movieguide® Contributor

OVERCOMER actress Shari Rigby recently interviewed rising screenwriter, director and script supervisor Tori Hunter on The Women in My World podcast about Hunter’s journey and passion for sharing the stories God has put on her heart. 

It wasn’t Hunter’s original plan to enter the movie industry, though. 

“I never even thought about movies,” she told Rigby. “Like I have no idea how I got here, except for the fact that I’m a strong believer that God is always preparing us for what He has for us even when we don’t know it.”

In fact, Hunter originally planned on being a softball player. In her junior year of high school, she committed to her dream school and had a full-ride scholarship. However, that dream was taken away after some personal struggles and family loss. 

“God made it very apparent that it was time to walk away, which was hard,” she shared. “I let go of my dream.” 

But God had other plans. The day after she walked away from softball, she was invited to be an extra for a project. 

“I’ve never thought about film, but I walked on set, and it’s like everything within me knew. That’s what God had for me,” Hunter shared.

After that, she began pursuing God’s calling on her life, eventually leading her to work with the Kendrick brothers as a script supervisor on the Movieguide® Award winner OVERCOMER. 

A script supervisor is “ultimately just a servant to the director’s vision and also helping all the departments,” Hunter shared.

“When God calls you, he doesn’t give you a lot of time,” she said, reflecting on her early days in this position. “I won’t sit here and say it was super easy when, honestly, God just calls us to show up. The biggest battle is to say yes and to show up and give it your all.” 

“I was scared to death,” Hunter admitted. “Honestly, I was up most nights because I wasn’t super efficient at that point. But I just showed up.” 

“You literally cry yourself to sleep, but you have peace,” she said. “You know that you’re where you’re supposed to be.”

“What God calls us to do is to be faithful where he puts, and so for me, [script supervisor is] just happened to be where he put me first,” she added.

“But I have no doubt that wherever you are, if you are faithful to the position God has given you, if you show up every day and give it your all, he can do anything,” she concluded. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Shari Rigby: 

OVERCOMER actress Shari Rigby didn’t imagine she’d disciple women in Hollywood until God told her otherwise.

Rigby recalled her early days in Hollywood with The Christian Post, “It’s all about movies, I’m going to be a movie star, I’m going to have massive success.”

But God changed her tune.

“’No, you’re here for my women. Like get it in your head, I’m a God of relationship,’” Rigby remembered feeling God say. “’Go back to your Bible and start looking at when I give my disciples their instructions. I didn’t tell them to go out and get famous and get rich and do those things. I told them to go out and serve my people and tell them that the kingdom is at hand.’”

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