Shari Rigby Shares How God Told Her to Disciple Women in Hollywood

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Shari Rigby Shares How God Told Her to Disciple Women in Hollywood

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

OVERCOMER actress Shari Rigby didn’t imagine she’d disciple women in Hollywood until God told her otherwise.

Rigby recalled her early days in Hollywood with The Christian Post, “It’s all about movies, I’m going to be a movie star, I’m going to have massive success.”

But God changed her tune.

“’No, you’re here for my women. Like get it in your head, I’m a God of relationship,’” Rigby remembered feeling God say. “’Go back to your Bible and start looking at when I give my disciples their instructions. I didn’t tell them to go out and get famous and get rich and do those things. I told them to go out and serve my people and tell them that the kingdom is at hand.’”

Rigby took God at His word to model discipleship in Hollywood.

“That was a point in time where not only was I hoping to pour into women, but they were also pouring into me,” said Rigby. “So we started to really go through the study of identity and whose we are and who God is and who He says He is and the promises of Him and identifying with how we are built.”

According to Rigby’s website:

Shari is the founder of “The Women In My World,” a women’s group focusing on identity, purpose, ministry, serving others and living life in Hollywood. Shari speaks on these topics and has spoken to over 70,000 people and counting.  Shari’s passion is serving others by creating and sharing powerful stories of individuals overcoming the odds.

Website onlookers can even sign up for The Women in My World online.

Rigby was also instrumental for organizing a women’s panel at the Christian convention NRB in 2019. Movieguide®’s Evy Baehr Caroll moderated the event.


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The Women In My World 🌎 ~ Why & when did it all start? I moved to Hollywood 🎬 in 2009. I believed that the Lord was calling me to the entertainment world. I had never studied acting, & if I wanted to be an actor, it was time. ⠀ Classes were intense, & I struggled. 😌 Week after week for the first 3 months, I would leave class every Monday night & cry on my drive home. I was overwhelmed by the talent that was in the room with me. I was discouraged, comparing myself to seasoned, working actors. ⠀ One night, I was sitting in class & I was internally calling out to God, “Why did you bring me here? I thought you wanted me to be a star.” Seconds later, He answered, “You’re here for my women.” I looked around the room at the women who I had come to know & love ~ I could see the brokenness & disappointment on their faces. We all had dreams! We all felt called to be actors, but we were also losing our identity & self-worth in the process. God spoke to my heart ♥️ & said, “I want you to start a women’s group. Bring them together to praise me first & then pray.” ⠀ So in 2010, I stepped out in faith & invited the first woman to my home. We praised God 🙌🏻 & prayed together & before I knew it, we went from two to ten to twenty & more. God reminded me that He is a God of relationships first. He cares about His people. In John 21, God gives the instructions that if we love Him, we are to shepherd His people. In Matthew 10, God gives the disciples their mission ~ go out & serve people. Then reading this morning in Romans 1:5, again, I’m was reminded, we are to share the message of grace and Jesus with the world. Our mission! ✝️ Of course, He would call me to serve His women first, & by saying yes, He has opened the door to me serving women in my career. The women in my world continues to grow, flourish & be fruitful. It all makes sense why the Lord brought me to Hollywood in 2009! Please follow @thewomeninmyworld & help us grown & highlight women who are making a difference by sharing the love of Christ & their talents to bring Him glory!!

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Rigby appeared in two nominated Movieguide® Awards projects in 2020: THE LEAST OF THESE: THE GRAHAM STAINS STORY and OVERCOMER.

Rigby said, “Complete gratitude 🙌🏻 hitting the red carpet at the Movieguide Awards 2020! Celebrating Ted Baehr, the Baehr family, the incredible people that bring to life stories of faith and family, my OVERCOMER family, my THE LEAST OF THESE family, and my wonderful husband!!”

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