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Oscar Nominated Animated Movies That Prove Audiences Crave Pro-Family Messages

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Oscar Nominated Animated Movies That Prove Audiences Crave Pro-Family Messages

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

The 92nd Academy Awards features an animation category stacked with family-friendly movies.

Movieguide® found that four out of five of the nominated movies have positive Christian or Biblical content.

These movies also have pro-family messages. Each one has a different story, but each movie ultimately highlights the importance of family.

On top of being pro-family, these movies feature redemption, selflessness, friendship, marriage, compassion, and a number of other characteristics parents should want to instill in their children.

The movies being honored show that moviegoers crave movies that are morally uplifting. This year the Academy is honoring some of the years best in this category.

This is another step forward in Movieguide®’s mission to redeem the media for the Kingdom of God.

Two of these movies, TOY STORY 4 and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: A HIDDEN WORLD, are nominated for Movieguide®’s Best Movie for Families award at the 28th Annual Movieguide® Awards.


“TOY STORY 4 has some incredible pro-family, pro-redemption, pro-self-sacrifice messages, in a very exciting, entertaining story. The importance of toys taking care of children is stressed constantly, but there’s also the importance of maturing and finding real love with good positive, male/female monogamous relationships being the end result. Every character has a great character arc, with a couple characters experiencing an epiphany and being truly transformed. It would be hard to find a better story. TOY STORY 4 will capture your heart.”


“HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD features the heart-pounding adventure and stunning visuals moviegoers have come to expect. They’re combined with a wonderful story promoting selflessness, friendship, sacrifice, leadership, marriage, and family. A key redemptive theme is that Hiccup can only mature and become the leader he needs to be by demonstrating sacrificial love. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD has some action violence, but the filmmakers have taken the scary content down a notch from the last movie.”


“KLAUS is a witty, charming movie with heartwarming moments. It cleverly shows how one selfless act can put into motion countless other selfless acts. KLAUS has a strong moral worldview with depictions of thankfulness, kindness, selflessness, and family.”


“MISSING LINK has many funny, exciting moments and lots of colorful stop-motion and computer-generated animation. The final jeopardy in the movie is very suspenseful and leads to a nice finish. MISSING LINK teaches some morally uplifting values, including compassion and looking out for others. Also, the main hero learns how to be less self-centered.”



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