Recent Survey Unveils RUDOLPH as American’s Favorite Christmas Movie

Recent Survey Unveils RUDOLPH as American’s Favorite Christmas Movie

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

As temperatures drop to chilling degrees, cinephiles and families alike experience joy when watching classic Christmas movies. For some, it may be a movie that reminds them of their childhood or perhaps it’s a revamped rendition like THE GRINCH that links their memories to new a generation. Whatever the case may be, The Hollywood Reporter (THR) found it appropriate to conduct a survey to see if there’s an agreed fan favorite.

THR’s survey polled 2,200 adults in November to unearth commonalities and see which movie holds the top spot. THR explains their findings, “The poll…found that the animated RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER is the most beloved holiday film, with 83 percent of respondents having a generally favorable response to the title.” THR continued, “runner-ups included the animated A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS (81 percent), the animated HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS! (80 percent) and HOME ALONE (78 percent),”

Many audiences are moving away from TV due to high costs for cable packages, but Christmastime is an exception. “43 percent [of Americans] say they are ‘very likely’ to watch holiday movies on linear TV.” The season brings families together and holds some truth as many grandparents have yet to forgo cable. The data tells us that holiday traditions are closely linked to the media and specifically movies, as 68% of polled Americans associate RUDOLPH with their Christmases.

There’s a irony to THR’s conclusion. In recent days, The Huffington Post called RUDOLPH “problematic,” and others are picking apart beloved movies to detract from the positive messages at the center of storylines. However, it seems that the uplifting messages in the movie outweigh any proposed negativity. Whether it’s the themes of standing out, perseverance or the movie’s endearing characters it’s just as the movie’s song proclaims; “Rudolph, he’ll go down in history…”

Is RUDOLPH your favorite Christmas movie? If not, let us know your go-to movie in the comments.

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