Huffington Post Releases Video That Cites RUDOLPH as “Problematic”

Huffington Post Releases Video That Cites RUDOLPH as “Problematic”

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

As per usual holiday tradition, networks replay Christmas movies to the delight of millions of viewers. This past Tuesday, CBS aired the 1964 classic RUDOLPH THE RED NOSE REINDEER. Days later, one news outlet is actively questioning the underlying messages of the storyline.

The Huffington Post (HP) re-released a video of theirs from 2017 with the words, “Rudolph the Marginalized Reindeer,” splatted across the initial images. The montage goes on to elevate their opinion citing things like bigotry, bullying and being an outcast as causes for concern, with the latter serving as the crux of their argument.

On Twitter, HP spread that same video with the title, “RUDOPLH THE RED NOSE REINDEER Actually Su***”

*The video below contains some mature language*

As of Thursday afternoon, the tweet had over a thousand retweets (Twitter-speak for shares), 1 million views and many replies. Some users were jumping on the HP bandwagon while others were indignant with their assumptions.

One user replied, “Seriously… It must be exhausting going through life not being able to find joy in anything.”

Another implored, “I grew up watching this and was encouraged to feel empathy for Rudolph. For my boys, 14 and 9, they have amazing dialogue about this and how ridiculous it is in today’s society but still has relatable aspects that we talk about. It’s a classic and a tool in our home. Esp at Xmas”

Much of the conversation shows that audiences who watched the recent broadcast of RUDOLPH were diving into a psychoanalytic approach to reading the movie, relating the content to ideological conversations of today. Essentially, the Huffington Post is stating that if you are different than the crowd, you’ll be treated differently, and we shouldn’t forget that mistreatment.

Is the theme of being an outcast present in RUDOLPH? Absolutely! However, what the HP fails to digest is that in those differences that RUDOLPH and his friends promote, they end up being of service to those around them by using their unique skills for the better! Sadly, HP decided to knit pick the movie and in doing so, failed to realize the uplifting atmosphere that Rudolph and his friends cultivate in the process.

Nice try HP, but please, stop trying to twist your moral agenda to knock down something that actually celebrates a great message, especially one we are in need of today!

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