RHYME TIME TOWN Full of Positive Messages, Heartwarming Stories

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RHYME TIME TOWN Full of Positive Messages, Heartwarming Stories

By Arielle Anderson, Contributing Writer

RHYME TIME TOWN is a six-episode animated children’s series on Netflix, filled with friends, adventure and imagination. It’s rated TV-Y.

Most of the characters are either animals or from nursery rhymes (such as Jack and Jill, or the cow who jumped over the moon). The show has a very wholesome tone with a strong moral worldview. Overall, the characters live very harmoniously, only having minor and rare conflicts that are always peacefully resolved.

In most episodes, the main characters will go on an adventure, which often involves helping someone in trouble. There are upbeat songs to the tune of nursery rhymes throughout the show, so they will likely be familiar to children.

Many of the adventures characters go on are about helping others. Friendship, kindness, bravery, and altruism are important themes in each episode. Teamwork, imagination, and creative problem solving are also very important to the characters of RHYME TIME TOWN.

There are occasionally slightly creepy noises for the sake of suspense, but they are always quickly revealed to be harmless, and not dangerous in any way. Even most very young kids would likely be unfazed. There are also occasional slapstick falls, but none result in major injury.

One of the characters can be very rude and pessimistic, but her friends remind her to be kind and not to assume the worst in a situation. She learns from some of her mistakes.

As the main characters, the younger kids are often problem solving for adults. While it is often OK, and the adults are shown as being more experienced, sometimes the adults seem to know less than their children. One of the mothers is very sweet but overprotective.

The kids occasionally engage in minor disobedience and have no consequences because the adults may have changed their mind after seeing the plan in action.

Overall, RHYME TIME TOWN is an entertaining and safe show for young children and has positive messages and heartwarming stories.

Watch the trailer below.

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